Friday, September 14, 2012


Hello folks! Today I don't have such good news to report. Our Chi-Town Bears did lose to the "slackers" and If you watched the game, it just wasn't good for Jay Cutler and our offense needed to do a better job. However, given this minor setback, you can't give up on a team. Keep pushing through tough times or games is the key to becoming a good fan. And I promise you next time our Bears play this nasty team, it will be WAR. It just sucks when you prep for a big game and your team completely ruins all of it. But that won't stop me from supporting my Bears! <3 We just need to work on our offense and Mr. Cutler can't and i repeat  can't throw the football to someone other than his own team member. Below is a Yahoo! page on exactly how this game went down: - Just a note of caution though: the article was written in WI so there is a biased viewpiont of course in the lame team's angle. Ignore that please.

Go Bears! :) Never Say Never as Justin Bieber would say!

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