Sunday, September 2, 2012

October 5th and 13th

Hello sports fans! Well well you readers are simply amazing! Almost 700 views baby! I still can't believe it. The topic for todays post is hockey. October 5th and the 13th are two very important dates for all of my Chicago wolves fans. Embrace yourself because it is going to be big news. October 5th is our pre-season game at Hoffman Estates, which is the practice facility besides our home - Allstate Arena in Rosemont,IL- at 7 p.m. verses an opponent in our division. Remember that the Wolves are in the AHL and my Blackhawks are in the NHL because a lot of hockey fans in Chicago sometimes get confused. October 13th is another important date because that is our home opener and tailgate party when we play the Rockford Icehogs, which are ironally the AHL's farm team for the Blackhawks. I can't wait because I get to hang with my "Hockey Family" and enjoy the game at night. Until later on sport fans; Happy Labor Day weekend. Get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather. Fyi, it might rain tonight according to the radio, so be aware of that too.


  1. Yes I am looking forward to those dates too. I hope the Chicago Wolves win both of those two dates. Love the Chicago Wolves. Go Wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love hockey so much. Such a great sport. Can't wait to hang out with you too hun. Love you girlie.

  2. Yes, Natalie, we will win both dates! :) Go Wolves!