Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Irony of Disagreement

Good morning everyone in the world. Today I would like to write about the NHL lockout in an odd way and yes I thought of this idea while commuting to school on the train. Yesterday I saw more Chicago Blackhawks hats than I've seen in a while and I pondered about reasons as to why. Some potential reasons could be to silently protest a lack of a season, fans coming together without planning to wear them all on the same day, or simply to just wear it to support your team. Some say that Chicago is known for deep dish pizza and beautiful architecture, but what about our sports teams? Yes I do believe that Chicagoans are one of the most dedicated cities to their sports overall even when we disagree about which team to support. So just when you think that no one cares about an issue such as the NHL lockout, think again.

- Are you sports fans sad or more so disappointed about not having an NHL season play out? Feel free to express your thoughts. Thanks! :)

An example of one of the many Blackhawks hats.

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