Monday, January 28, 2013

Inner Zebra

Hello again sports fans. Today I decided that the time has come to change the background for this awesome blog and I chose a zebra picture. You're probably wondering why in the world would she choose this when it is a sports and technology blog? Well, because why can't a sports blog be fun and fierce looking? I am a huge supporter of animal prints overall, but not real fur. No animal killing here. lol I think it expresses just how fun and outgoing a person can be in terms of loving life and being who you are! oh and by the way GO HAWKS!!! :)  Have a great afternoon from the beautiful City of Chicago! <3

Game Recap

Link to a video of the Hawks skating and a review of the game last night.

Justin Bieber - Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj

Social media video day! :)

6 and 0 Hawks

Hello sports fans. Well the Chicago Blackhawks have gone undefeated thus far and Sunday night a.k.a last night was great when we beat the hated and worst team in the NHL, Detroit "Dead Wings, which resulted in a 2-to-1 overtime victory. You dedicated readers know how much I love my sports especially hockey. Imagine this: I'm in my room, hearing the radio 720 A.M. because I don't have Comcast Sports Net on cable, dancing in my bath robe, and getting ready for the week. Yes, I am odd, but I will always support my sports teams through thick and thin. GO HAWKS GO!!! Let's keep up this winning streak and know that Chicago overall supports you.

- Do you watch hockey and why?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hawks Updates

Mighty Blackhawks

Hello sports fans around the world. Well, the Chicago Blackhawks finally had their home opener at the United Center verses the Saint Louis Blues and yes we did win 3-to-2. Patrick Kane, Brent Seabrook, and Vicktor Stalberg rallied goals for the Hawks to make them still undefeated in the NHL. I couldn't be more proud of my Hawks, despite the lockout being in place earlier and never mind the face that it took away more than half of the season. But I'm here and if you hockey fans want to join me in celebrating the NHL being back in action (except the Cansucks and Detroit "Deadwings"because they are worst enemies of ours), sit back, gather around your television sets with fellow hockey fans, and enjoy the action. Hockey is the best sport in the world and I don't care if scrapbook stickers are hard to find with this sport and hockey fans are awesome! :) Have a great day!

Thought question: What sport do you enjoy following?

justin bieber allstate arena 10/23/12

From YouTube. Yes I'm in a Bieber mood today. lol By the way, Hawks are 3-and-0 meaning undefeated. Yeah and that is how it will stay.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Chicago Blackhawks (Chelsea Dagger- The Fratellis)

This is the song of the #1 team in the NHL baby!  GO HAWKS GO!!!

Vancouver Canucks getting rattled by Chelsea Dagger

HAHHAAHA No wonder why the Cansucks do suck! I love you Chicago Blackhawks! :) Chicago hockey fans what's up? And by the way we will continue to torture you with it too and you damn right better bet you will hear it again baby.

Get Over It Gomez

Hi sports fans! I found this article on Yahoo! ( my favorite and it really hit me as if no one really cares about it. This involves the "bimbo" Selena Gomez. She is just nasty and everything about her is gross. Justin DOESN'T want you anymore and you need to get over that fact. Below is the article:

Thought question: What do you think about their break-up?

Hawks Dominate Thus Far

Hello sports fans. Well, I haven't been on here as much as I'd like, but I just wanted to comment on how awesome the Blackhawks have been in their first two games verses the Kings 5-to-2 and Coyotes 6-to-4. Just a note though, with the shortened 48 game season, each game is worth four points verses two like the a normal regulation game is. GO HAWKS GO!! And I couldn't be more proud of you! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Semester and Steps

Hello sports fan. Tomorrow will complete my first week back to college and it couldn't have been better! :) This will be my last semester at Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL and graduation is May 3rd at the school's theatre. Me walking across the stage, earning a Bachelor's degree in Communication?? Wow!! :) This is the moment I've looked forward to since grammar school and at that point, I set the goal of getting accepting into college in the first place and then succeeding through it. So far, I've had a really positive experience and loads of stress, however, it will all be worth it when I walk across that stage and then my life really begins. Having supportive friends and family along the way indeed has helped thus far and will continue to aid in my future in the media field! This post is really about being grateful for my life and thanking everyone who has been there for me when I needed them! You dedicated readers aren't forgotten either because without you, I wouldn't have this awesome blog and such passioned posts. Another topic to bring up is MY HAWKS!!!! :) I've supported them even during the lockout, but now is the time to celebrate not the NHL commissioner because he is a classless jerk, but the Chicago Blackhawks I do support! :) Have a great day everyone!

Question for thought: How was your college experience? Good, bad, or somewhere in- between?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Justin Bieber's Twitter

Hello sports fans. Because this blog isn't just about sports or technology, I figured to share some social media aspect as well. Below is a link to Bieber's twitter page if you want to follow him:

I love you Bieber and your Beliebers will always have your back! <3


This is a funny parody of "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen.

NHL Lockout Is OVER!!! "Full Interview"

- Courtesy of Natalie Simpson's YouTube page


This story is quite interesting if you can relate to it and might even bring you back to memories from childhood. Feel free to check it out! :)



This is the word used to describe Chicago fans. No matter what, Chicago sports fans support and take pride in their teams. Today I was shopping at my local mall and this lady was wearing Chicago Bears pajamas as well as a father and son with matching hats. What more could you ask of fans? Yes, I really would have loved to see the Bears make the playoffs on their own free will, but I can still see that this amazing city is not giving on their team anytime soon. Additionally, another point to prove this is when the lockout was happening, yet I still witnessed fans wearing Hawk's hats. How cool is that and this unlimited spirit we have for sports no one can beat! I LOVE CHICAGO and our teams! :)

Questions for you dedicated readers: What is the best part about where you live?

Lockout is Over!

Hello folks. As of January 6th, the lockout ended with the NHL and NHLPA (Player's Association) coming together or compromising on a CBA ( collective bargaining agreement). I was so happy because first off my HAWKS are back in action and two now I can see both teams a.k.a. the Wolves and Hawks play their own individual seasons! :) Whoop! :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Coffee Lovers

Hello again folks! I had an idea to write a post about coffee and you're probably thinking why. Well, sports and caffeine does share a common bond. Coffee is a stimulant and wakes up your brain and I know my boyfriend drinks coffee before he plays hockey or skates with his friends. Being a hockey fan for seven years, I know that most Chicago Wolves players consume pasta for energy and chicken for protein. I'm not sure what they do in regards to caffeine, but I know without coffee, I get very crabby.

Do you drink coffee and why? Feel free to share your thoughts.

For College Students

Being a college student right now, I found this article very helpful. I don't know how many of you dedicated sports readers are in college or plan on attending a university at some point in time, but here you go! :)

No Playoffs

Hello sports fans. Well I have some disappointing news for you: the Chicago Bears did win their last game of the season verses the Detriot Lions, but their fate was in the hands of the most hated team ever (Slackers) and the Minnesota Vikings. The cheapshot "Slackers" had to win, in order for the Bears to get in the playoffs, but the Vikings eventually won the game 37-to-34. I understand the logic of the Chicago Bears not winning as many games as they wanted to before the last one of the season, however, leaving our fate in the hands of our rival isn't a good aspect. I will never root for the "Slackers" in my lifetime because I love Chicago and nothing can change my opinion. However, let us try to take the positive from this situation: the Bears need to win games regardless of the opponent because their fate was ultimately left to another team, which never should have happened. Next season Bears: you win more games, the offense does a better job at backing up Jay Culter (our current quarterback), listening to our current coach (which the Bears will have a new one next season because Lovie Smith was fired the other day), and legitimately working together as a team such as having better communication on the field and more efficient practices. In the end, I still love my city and the Bears! GO BEARS GO!! :) Have a good day!

What do you think about the Chicago Bears not making the playoffs?