Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Turning 50, MJ gets 50th SI cover

Turning 50, MJ gets 50th SI cover

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What Valentine's Day Means

I wanted to comment on Valentine's Day and what I think it means to various people in terms of plans and feelings behind the chocolates and flowers. When I was single, I used to called it "Single's Day", but not anymore! I have a lovely boyfriend who I wouldn't  trade for the world, who loves me for me, and makes me a very happy woman. I want so much more with him and for all my ladies out there, don't just be with a guy for his looks, but for who he is at heart. You can date the hottest guy or girl in the world, but if he or she doesn't treat you right, then someone else is better for you. I don't care how much you loved him or her, never ever tolerate being mistreated by anyone because it allows other harmful consequences to happen such as physical or psychological abuse. All I'm saying is to singles V-Day is a day to go on a date or celebrate it with your other single ladies. For couples, V-Day is about spending quality time together and it doesn't have to be all day, but maybe a nice dinner or movie. Personally, I'm all about the simple things in life such as being held in some one's arms or giving my boyfriend a nice bear hug for five minutes. Overall, Valentine's Day is about loving your significant other in whatever way you like whether it be physical or emotional and taking time just for the two of you.

- Thought question: What are your V-Day plans?

Lady Gaga Cancels Shows

Feel better Gaga because my article for the week depended on you performing at the United Center, but it's fine. I understand that you're only human and I hope for a full recovery for you soon!

Girls and Ex-boyfriends

Yes this post will be venting about someone who needs to GET OVER her ex-boyfriend and this young female is the lonely Miss Taylor Swift. Your song "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is clear enough and you bashing him at the Grammy's over the weekend. We don't want to hear you complain about the lame boy from 1D because frankly no one likes the stupid band to begin with and no will continue to support you because we get the message your trying to get across. Maybe if you would take the more mature route, not try to copy his style, and simply spend some time with your best girls, your mind would not think of him so much. Heartbreak isn't easy and I understand that, but venting public outrage towards him means you're NOT over him and trying to seem desperate a.k.a wanting him back even though you say you don't.

- What do you dedicated readers think about this situation?

Hawks Win! Hawks Win!

Hello sports  fans! I know it has been a while since I've posted on here, but I'm back- in- action. I also have some great news to report about my Hawks! We won last night, not just in sudden death overtime, but in a shootout 3-to-2 against the lame Ducks. Yeah take that stupid ducks! :) Go Hawks! :) And yes I did get into the game by yelling at the TV and dancing, but that is me. Have a great day from the winter weather of Chicago! haha

- Thought question: How do you enjoy watching your favorite sports?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Trash Talking

Hello again sports fans! I'm back again with another post and this one regards trash talking. Trash talking in terms of other teams is totally fine and even if you want to tell off complete strangers is cool. I do it all the time and if people wear hockey jerseys other than my Chicago Blackhawks or Wolves, then that is  MAJOR problem because you don't belong here. If you're in Chicago or have lived in this awesome city, there is no reason not to like the team from here. The only circumstance that I'd consider fine is if a person was born in Michigan and then moved to Chicago in adulthood, liking the Deadwings I can understand, but you'll still be told off by me. No one likes the Deadwings and the only NHL team I support is my Hawks. Call me crazy, dedicated, or too much into my sports, even call me a crazy sports fans, SO BE IT. I don't tolerate jerseys that aren't Chicago ones and why should I? True Chicagoans knows our teams are #1 and that is it.

 -Thought question:What is your favorite team and why?

Worst Team in NHL

Hello sports fans. Tonight listening to the game on WGN 720 with the Chicago Blackhawks, may I add the mighty powerful Hawks, played the Cansucks in their home arena. The game was going along ok when we tied the score 1-to-1 and then overtime hit. Knowing that the Hawks just came off of a shootout loss a shootout is when an opponent shoots one-on-one with the opposing goaltender until one team gets one more past shot the goalie) and I was all pumped up. Now we all know the Cansucks can't play hockey well because 1) they have never won a Stanley Cup EVER in their team history 2) Think that being total cheap shots is cool, NO IT IS NOT JERKWADS 3) Because we think getting in fights with whoever and whenever is also fine and this includes picking on guys who aren't our own size 4) Because they are Hawks' most hated and loser rivalry and Hawks' fans hate them regardless of how many young player they may happen to have.
Long story short, we lost again in a shootout when it ISN'T NECESSARY. GO TO HELL CANSUCKS AND  stay in Canada where you belong because we certainly don't your dirty asses in Chicago tainting our beautiful city with who knows what you may have. The point is I'm still wearing  MY HAWKS' JERSEY LOUD AND PROUD BABY!! Because true hockey fans know who the REAL winners of this game are. GO HAWKS GO!!! :)  Just think of Chelsa Dagger playing a million times, and that will make you freeze up and realize how scared you are of the mighty Hawks! Next time we WILL dominate over your cheap asses and I mean anything we have to do to win.