Sunday, September 30, 2012


* Above is preview of how the Bears/ Cowboys game will go. Personally, I always like to be prepared for anything in life and reading is just one way to do that. Enjoy and Go Bears! :)

Bears Vs. Cowboys- Monday Night Football

Good afternoon sports fans. Reporting from my home in Chicago where I had a lovely weekend with a friend of mine, updated planner and calendar this morning, and getting a chance to update this as well. What is on the agenda today? Well, talking about the NFL referees and how they agreed to an eight year contract so you whiny little children nobody football fans of a particular team (cough cough Slacker nobodies) can shut up now. And my Chicago Bears play tomorrow night against the Dallas Cowboys at 8:30 p.m. EDT. Check your local listings for more specific times around where you live or if not they have their own radio station at WBBM 105.9 FM or 780 AM As always, we are hoping for a Bears win and as we say in Chicago: Bear Down Bears! :) Until later on sports fans alike, enjoy the rest of your Sunday and take care of yourself.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fierce Animal

Wow. This is for sure different, but think about the art expression. This is exactly why I love what she represents: she dresses and lives her life however she wants to and doesn't care what people think of her. She is my role model in terms of beliefs.;_ylt=A0PDoTE0BGZQuGwAPu6JzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTByYXBpa2k4BHNlYwNkZC1pbWctc3VtLTIEc2xrA2xhdHN1bQ--?w=685&prtnr=&h=1024&

Lady Gaga and Body Isses

My girl Lady Gaga has recently admitted to the media that she has gained 20 or so pounds. Now I have a problem when critics blow her minor weight gain out of proportion when the reporter herself / himself isn't perfect either. Don't be putting someone else down just because they've gained some weight. People have to remember something: WE ARE ALL HUMAN AND NOT PERFECT. Taking that into consideration, what about if this same situation happened to your average person? No one would care because people live their life however they want to. You can't tell people what to put in their mouth and how much exercise to do.Give me a break allright and go live in the real world.

- Here is a blub from a Yahoo! article:

"Gaga launched the "Body Revolution" section on Sept. 25 to "inspire bravery" and "celebrate with us your 'perceived flaws.'"

"She also posted a picture of herself, eyes closed, wearing a bra and panties, with the caption: "Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15." She's encouraging her fans to do the same."

"The singer has been criticized lately for gaining weight but she confidently wore a low cut, thong body suit and fishnet tights during the concert, only briefly covering up with a jacket and t-shirt."

My reaction: Good for Gaga for embracing her extra curves. I'm very passionate about this myself since most women are insecure about their bodies and that causes various repercussions such as low self-esteem and socially isolating oneself. Ladies, I'm talking to you, being 5 feet tall and curvy myself: Please don't hide your body. EMBRACE YOUR CURVES! Celebrate them ok because they are part of what makes you who you are.

Cry Babies

Over these past couple of days, I've noticed football fans, immature ones at that, overreacting like little children about a bad call such as when Green Slay Slackers lost. #1: who cares because they suck anyway and their fans have no life. LISTEN UP: it is a game and whoever is whining about it, get over it. You are not TRUE football fans if all you do is complain about the horrible replacement refs, which in case you didn't know, they are gone. The NHL referees have ended their lockout and now you can stop your little crying and nonsense behavior and become a real football fan. Imagine if us hockey fans complained and threw a hissy fit every time our favorite player was in penalty box. GET A LIFE OK. Please and if I hear one one Slackers fans saying crap, I'm going to lose it. No wonder why your team sucks so much, they've go no skills and your fans are dumb little preschool children as well. By the way, the Bears are so much better than you'll ever be. I'll give that a minute for it to sink in ok. Yes, the one and only Chi-town Bears will dominate on your puny behind anyday. Don't even try to challenge us or risk embarrassment....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lockout 2012 - New Facts

Hello folks! It is 5:12 p.m. in the City of Chicago and I just turned in my media journal for a class of mine through e-mail. This week has been hectic in the aspect that I've been trying to set up interviews and I've learned a lot more about the NHl lockout. Apparently, this is an NHLPA, which stands for National Hockey League Players Association - the union representing the players' interests and the owners are at the opposite end of the spectrum. Also just thinking about if this crazy business continues on, I thought about how the American Hockey League will be effected in turn. Attendance will probably increase people will see hockey at any cost whether it is pee wee league or ECHL (East Coast Hockey League). My point is that it will be interesting as to how long the lockout will last and if there will be an entire season lost because of battles over money. I'm not really takes sides just yet because you should 100% research both sides of the story before forming a judgement.

- What do you readers think? Do you take the side of the owners or the players? Let me know. Thanks! :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

iPhone 5 Prank

Wow well this is interesting. Some folks in the Netherlands decided to super glue an iPhone 5 to the ground and watch people's reactions. It states in the article that people actually tried to kick it off the ground. What won't we do for technology????  This is a must see video and read the article as well. Later from Chicago! <3

Blackhawks Fan Day..... Might Not Happen

No Blackhawks training camp?? Wait, no, you've got to be kidding me. That is the highlight of the season! This lockout better end soon or else all of us hockey fans are going to riot all over the country. Because think about it, hockey players will either play for AHL teams or go to Europe to play and yeah I love my Wolves, but my Hawks are also important!

- Here is a link to read more:

Rocking a Blackhawks Hat

Additionally, today it was 45 degrees at 7:20 this morning in Chicago, and so I decided to pull out my amazing and super warm Blackhawks hat! Yes, I know given that there might not be an NHL season, but I still have to support my team. It is so ignorant that the owners of the league and the NHLPA (National Hockey League Players Association) are in disagreement over a various issues such as a salary cap (how much a team can spend on player's salaries as a whole) and what qualifications are needed to meet "Veteran Status". Some say there might not be a season at all and some say that an agreement is close, but not close enough. It makes me sad that I won't be yelling at the TV in celebration or anger during the 40 regulation and playoff games! I'm begging you NHL and NHLPA, please come to an agreement that satisfies both of your wants and needs because what are us dedicated fans going to do without hockey? Given that I'm an AHL(American Hockey League) Chicago Wolves fan, I still have some hockey to look forward to, but for those solely Blackhawks fans, you have a problem and a serious one at that.

- What do you think readers think? Are you sad that there will be no NHL season?

Ps. A funny thought occurred to me. All Blackhawk fans in Chicago need to protest just like the Chicago Teachers Union did. Maybe then, just maybe will that catch the attention of the news media and we'll get our point across that way. 

Bears Win!!!! 23 to 6 over Rams! :)

Well hello and good morning folks. Our Chicago Bears won against the Saint Louis Rams 23 to 6. I've got to be honest here, I only watched the first two quarters, however I didn't hear any Bears fans complaining. So given that, the game must have been halfway decent. Now some people may think that   just because the Bears won, the Rams must completely suck. However, the Rams are in the NFC West division and in 4th place currently. The Bears are in the NFC North division, but currently are in 2nd place. So yeah the Rams are in a worse position than the Bears, however, I still take pride in my home team! As long as we won and fans are happy that is all that counts. The next game will happen on Monday October 1st verses the Dallas Cowboys, who are currently 1st in the NFC East division. If you've taken notice sports fans, I've been trying to learn more about football since it is such a popular sport. Take care everyone!

Here is a link to a fan's perspective:

- For those of you who watched the game, do you think it was worth it? Did the Bears deserved that win or they just did enough to win?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sorry Folks- Bears Update

Hello sports fans. I know it has been a couple days since I've been on here and posted a new entry. However, I'm back in action. Between school, contacting Jewell my editor for the Torch newspaper, and hanging out with a friend yesterday, I haven't had an on-line life. I wanted to mention that the Chicago Bears played the Saint Louis Rams earlier today at 12 ish on Fox, which is Channel 32 in Chicago. I just watched the first quarter as I had my lunch and coffee. Our Bears were winning 3 to 0 at the end of the first and then I had to get other tasks accomplished. Right now, the game is in the 4th quarter and the Bears are winning 20 to 6 with 9:06 left. What what!!! :)

- Let's finish this game and here is a link to the Yahoo! Sports page where current tabs are being kept on the game:

- By the way, I will have my first article published in the college newspaper this coming up week and man am I proud because I put a lot of work into it and it was worth it! I want to make a shout out to Jewel Washington for doing such a great job as editor-in-chief! Keep it up! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012


* This is a photo at O'Hare Airport located in Illinois with the lights activated. In case you didn't know, Illinois has two main airports: O'Hare and Midway.

Funny Photo

* I found this photo on and it made me laugh so much! Basically, the Hawks won the Stanley Cup in 2010, White Sox won the world series in 2005, and the list goes on and on. The Cubs, on the other hand, haven't really been doing so good and this picture parodies that facet. If you're from Chicago, you'd be able to relate more to this, but hopefully I explained it well enough. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks folks! :) And if you're a Cubs fan, sorry, but enjoy life and it is ok to laugh at this. 

Manners Overall with Links - This link is very basic, but in our society where manners aren't practiced as much as they should be, this is important especially for parents out there. We don't want our children growing up where they don't know "basic" manners and being ignorant because how they act is a reflection of how they were raised. So parents do your job and help out society as a whole!!! :) - Here is another good one. It discusses phone etiquette and children.

Manners in a Technological Society

Good afternoon sports lovers alike. Do I have a story for you and yes it does relate to the specifics of this blog. Yesterday after my media production courses, I had three hours until a meeting for the Torch, which is Roosevelt University's student-run newspaper. So I figured I'd knock out reading for the day in the 5th floor lounge area, well no, because that never really got accomplished. This one older African American man was yelling in a too loud voice for a little lounge area to Comcast over the phone about a higher cable bill and how he was being charged for services that he wasn't using. As the story continues, he went on about how other individual customers of Comcast can have $1,000 cable bills and then the customer service lady on the other end of the line wasn't "understanding" what he was saying. He later asked to speak to her manager or supervisor and went more in-depth /  got angrier at the same time all while I WAS TRYING TO BE PRODUCTIVE!!! I wanted to take this guy's head off because there also was five other people trying to get their work done while him being ignorant to this fact.

* The main point I want to bring up is that if you see anyone trying to get reading or anything accomplished, please please please don't be yelling on the phone or blasting music. Go somewhere else before I tell you off. In fact, get off the phone and get some psychological and anger management help as well. Thanks..... haha

* Below is a link to an article which made me laugh:

Have a nice weekend everyone and let me know if you have any personal stories about rude or ignorant folks and how you dealt with them!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

iPhone 5

Ok here goes my soap box for the day. Apple is taking over the world in the sense of how we live our lives. Being a college student, I see Apple pads, pods, Nanos... blah blah blah. I've got to be honest here: I don't own any Apple products, however, I do use macs when at school in the Communication lab only for the department. It is a different experience in the sense that there is no start menu and when a person wants to log off, the icon with a picture of the fruit apple. But growing up I've always used a PC, specifically Dell and IBM. Additionally, I've never understood the appeal of Apple products? Is it the marketing and PR that is involved or is it the materials it is made out of?

* What do you think? Is Apple going to take over the world at some point in time or not? Let me know! Thanks and have a lovely day! :)


Hello folks. Today I will be talking about iTunes and that pertains to the technology or social media aspect of this blog. About two months ago, I realized that there are numerous college radio stations in addition to local radio and from all around the country as well. Think about this for just one minute. You could live in Chicago or Los Angeles yet hear what is happening in Madison, WI with the click of a button.  The beauty about this is that all of us can stay connected while geographically being not in the same area. This couldn't be done years ago when individuals gathered around a fire and read stories out loud and carved signals in caves. Overall, it is interesting how fast information is being spread and it will only get faster with more and more technological innovations.

- Question for you dedicated sports readers. How do you see technology developing in the next years? Will there be robots serving us food verses people?

- Here is link to an article that discussed alternative options for us non-active Apple users in the world:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What a Beauty!

Wow a hockey game played in a beautiful ancient arena in Rome. Italia baby! :) I never thought I'd see this much less read about it. The link is above the the Yahoo! Sports Blog and there also is a video about it as well.

Cute Winter Hat

- Courtesy of Yahoo! Pictures

Lazy Day- Support your Team

Being a college student is tough these days when dealing with sleep deprivation, being loaded with homework and reading, maybe holding down a job of some sort, maintaining a social life, and all while trying to avoid driving yourself bonkers. I had one of those nights last where I was talking to my one guy friend until 11 at night and managed to complete reading for today all while my phone was charging all by itself in my room. So in lieu of that, I decided to just put on some jeans, a shirt, and my Chicago Wolves jersey today because I felt like it and kind sleepy as well. It looks like I'll be living off coffee today..... literally. Well, that is one viewpoint of a college student.

* To change up the topic a little bit, I'd like to know if you loved college or hated it and why. Feel free to share your thoughts or opinions below in the comment section or e-mail me personally for any tips or tricks on survivng college (Besides I am a senior now. Whoop! Whoop!)

* My e-mail is fyi.

Irony of Disagreement

Good morning everyone in the world. Today I would like to write about the NHL lockout in an odd way and yes I thought of this idea while commuting to school on the train. Yesterday I saw more Chicago Blackhawks hats than I've seen in a while and I pondered about reasons as to why. Some potential reasons could be to silently protest a lack of a season, fans coming together without planning to wear them all on the same day, or simply to just wear it to support your team. Some say that Chicago is known for deep dish pizza and beautiful architecture, but what about our sports teams? Yes I do believe that Chicagoans are one of the most dedicated cities to their sports overall even when we disagree about which team to support. So just when you think that no one cares about an issue such as the NHL lockout, think again.

- Are you sports fans sad or more so disappointed about not having an NHL season play out? Feel free to express your thoughts. Thanks! :)

An example of one of the many Blackhawks hats.

Monday, September 17, 2012

More Ironic Photos from Yahoo!

Not really funny....

"Blah Blah Blah"- It's almost as if this guy is saying all we want is money $$

No NHL? What??

Hello folks. Good morning from the beautiful City of Chicago at 8:43 Central Standard Time. Yesterday it was all the rage on Facebook: lockout this and lockout that. I decided to do a little research and see when this "lockout" exactly happened. According to a Washington Post article, " The NHL imposed a lockout at midnight Saturday following the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement. It is the league’s second work stoppage in eight years, the third in the past 18." ( Stating in basic term, there will be no National Hockey League (NHL) season thus far and who knows how long it will last. For fanatics of this league, this is horrible news because now people might have to turn to another sport for their entertainment purposes. A temporary fix is to get in- tune with the AHL or any other league of hockey until the NHL can get their marbles together.

- What do you know about the lockout that you'd like to share or if you have a personal story from the last time this happened back in the 2004 to 2005 season. Feel free to share. Thanks and have a great day!

*Courtesy of Yahoo! Pictures*

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Countdown Begins!!!

Hello again. Looking at my calender in my room, there is officially four weeks until hockey season starts, AHL - American Hockey league - that is, because there will most likely be another NHL lockout this season. That isn't a good thing to happen because that is the top dog for hockey fans to watch games and maybe more NHL fans will become AHL fans. Who knows? But what I do know is that I can't wait for my Chicago Wolves to start their season. Finally, a month away until I can see my " Hockey Family" and tailgating until game time is always a fun time.

- Here is a link to their main website:

Beyoncé - Run The World (Girls)

I think this music video by my girl Beyonce is just the appropiate next part to finish off my post today! :) Where are all my ladies at? Hollar....

A Different Kind of Football

Hello sports fan out there. This post is about a different kind of football. While browsing through my Yahoo! homepage, there was an article about a Lingerie football league. Now when one thinks about that, the ideal fan would probably be a sexiest man pig who just doesn't care about the "sports" aspect at all, but more so the lack of clothing on these women who often take this game very seriously. If any of you are thinking along the lines of this, then please stop reading this post right now. I don't appreciate men like this in the world who just appreciate women for their bodies as if we have nothing else to show for ourselves. The game takes place in an indoor football arena. Ironically, this is a good aspect about this league because weather won't be a determining factor for a potential cancellation. Getting back to topic at hand, the article goes on to say that Nikki Johnson takes down an opponent from a Toronto team. Johnson has scored 12 touchdowns and  threw one interception.

Considering that sports is mostly a male industry, the fact that this league even exists is a pretty cool idea. However, women out in the world should not be viewed like this because society makes us out to be "sex objects" when in reality we are wives, mothers, students, daughters, or sisters, and even professors. Next time you see an image of a woman on a magazine cover, think about how much work actually went into creating that image and the long exhausting hours. My point is that just because us ladies can and do play football, we should be treated just like any other league: with RESPECT AND DIGNITY. Any maybe even wear actual uniforms, not lingerie. If you have any thoughts or comments about this topic, feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading and yes I do have passion for women's issues if you didn't see that. lol

The link below is to the article:

Friday, September 14, 2012

Karmin - Crash Your Party (Official)

Another Karmin song! This is a song about how some people think they are all the best and how much fun crashing a party can be. Enjoy! :)

Karmin - Hello

This is random ,yes, however hear me out on this. This is just a personal favorite song basically about  not letting people stopping you from achieving your dreams and be fierce and beautiful at the same time. Take it from me, I'm outspoken and in your face, but if that scares people away from you, they weren't your friend to begin with. Then it's time to let them go. (It's not sports related, but technology related because I got the video off of YouTube.)


Hello folks! Today I don't have such good news to report. Our Chi-Town Bears did lose to the "slackers" and If you watched the game, it just wasn't good for Jay Cutler and our offense needed to do a better job. However, given this minor setback, you can't give up on a team. Keep pushing through tough times or games is the key to becoming a good fan. And I promise you next time our Bears play this nasty team, it will be WAR. It just sucks when you prep for a big game and your team completely ruins all of it. But that won't stop me from supporting my Bears! <3 We just need to work on our offense and Mr. Cutler can't and i repeat  can't throw the football to someone other than his own team member. Below is a Yahoo! page on exactly how this game went down: - Just a note of caution though: the article was written in WI so there is a biased viewpiont of course in the lame team's angle. Ignore that please.

Go Bears! :) Never Say Never as Justin Bieber would say!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Public Transportation and Dedication

Hello. I had an idea today to write about public transportation a.k.a. buses and trains mainly and how fans utilize this method of transportation to attend the sport of their choice. During my junior year, last year, I was coming home early around three or four p.m. and there apparently was a Chicago Cubs game because a host of fans were talking loudly on the train ( after the game). This particular group of Cubs fans were intoxicated because each of them were all talking at the same time and stating who their favorite players were and why they thought so. No one agreed with each other and the part that got me irritated was when they all saw a little boy was on the train (wearing a Chicago White Sox shirt) and basically told him to take it off. What is wrong with people in this world? Leave the child alone and let him have a peaceful train ride with his father. I understand that you love the Cubs and that is great, however Chi-town does have TWO baseball teams and people have to deal with that. If not, then move to another damn city please.

People who are born and raised in Chicago know that you are either for the Cubs or Sox and some claim that you can be a "Chicago" fan and support both teams. Depending upon how you see it, as long as you are supporting a team and having fun at the same time, that is all that matters. For example, when I was up in Wisconsin over the summer, I met these four guys who were from WI, but were Chicago Blackhawk's fans. Considering that Wisconsin only has an AHL team who sucks (worst enemy of my AHL Chicago Wolves), who else are they going to support? Duh... a Chicago team because Illinois and WI are neighbors even though we don't agree on sports teams very often.

- Tell me what you think about this topic: Public transportation and dedication. Let me know if you have any stories or experiences. Thanks for reading as always and take care sports fanatics.

Pictures of Chicago Bears Media I took


It says " Here It's Never TOO COLD to Get Burned"

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quick Shoutout

Hello everyone. I have a lot of energy this morning.... coffee is kicking in. Anyways, I just want to say thank you to those reading my blog and for taking time out of your day to come here. I won't dissapoint you sports fans, I promise. This means the world to me!

College Football Map

Here is another map. I just love all of the colors and variety of teams. The link is below:;_ylt=A0PDoTE5V09Q8UoAjcaJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?

Potential Computer Background????

This could be a neat computer background... hmmm. Courtesy of Yahoo! Pictures.

- Here is another link to a neat computer background as well with a creepy theme:

Cool Graphic I found

- How neat is this! haha What a beautiful visual I found on Yahoo! as well. Enjoy! Go Bears!!! :)

- Here is the link to the full- size image:;_ylt=A0PDoTE5V09Q8UoAjcaJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?

Comfort or Getting Out?

Looking at the above picture taken from Yahoo!,would you rather watch your sport or game of choice from the comfort of your own home or attend a game live in person?

*Benefits of watching the your sport of choice at home in front of the TV:

- No long lines to use the washroom
- Unlimited drinks and food without paying outrageous prices
- Having as many people over as you can fit in your space
- Saving money on gas, parking, and a ticket or two
- Getting as crazy as you want pertaining to what you wear and do

*Benefits of attending the game live in person:

- Living in that moment
- Thrill and excitement of actually "being there"
- Tweeing and Facebooking from the arena or stadium
- You can take your own pictures or photos and make a "Memory Slideshow" later on
- Spending quality time with friends and family outside of the normal setting and getting fresh air

* Let me know what you think below. Thanks! <3

NFL Prices and the Economy

Good morning sports enthusiasts and superfans. Browsing through my Yahoo@ homepage while sipping hot coffee ( I'm a college student remember...), I found this intersting aritcle under the sports section. It mentions that since 2007 the economy has not turned out as much as market reserachers would like to think and that overall attendance for football games is down. According to the article:

     "Nick Colas, chief market strategist at ConvergEx argues that things may not be turning around in Atlanta (and elsewhere) just yet, given that average ticket prices to attend a Falcons home game are down 8.1% this season. This is the biggest drop among the 30 NFL cities, according to Team Marketing Report data. Further, he says his own research of NFL attendance and ticket prices reveals all kinds insights, most of which are troubling.

     "It's telling us that the overall economy still isn't as strong as it was back in 2007," Colas says in the attached video, citing a 4.5% drop in NFL attendance from 2007. "It's also telling us that the upper-end consumer is still retrenching, they're still pulling back. They haven't felt the burst of either better employment numbers or better income and they're actually attending fewer games."

The reason why I find this interesting is because it makes me think about how dedicated a person will go to show their fan spirit. What is considered too far? It is really worth getting those upfront tickets or will the upper deck do just fine? I'd like to know what you think out there. Feel free to comment with any thoughts or feelings. Have a great day sports fans! :)

The link to the aricle is below to check out:

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bears Win!

Why hello sports fans! Our Chicago Bears rocked Solider Field on Sunday afternoon for a 41 to 21 win over the Colts and although three players were slightly injured ( I didn't watch the game, however I heard it on the radio because I was doing homework) and the extent of those injuries are unknown. If any of you can update me or do know about those injuries, feel free to comment. Chicago couldn't be prouder of our team! The goal is to also do the same thing on the Thursday, when our most hated rival comes into our lovely city. Thank heaven that it is only for one night or else we would have to sanitize the city because who wants the Green Bay "Slackers" tainting our city. No one. Yuck. And I also give you permission if you see any gear or clothing items with their nasty ugly logo, please tell whoever it is off or simply burn it. Until later on, keep having faith and GO BEARS! Keep up the good work! :) I think we have a lot to look forward to this season with how the end result came up! Woooo!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Radio Link to Broadcast

Above is a link that has radio information if you happen to miss opening day for our Bears on television. Enjoy!

Bearin Down Da Song (Chicago Bears Anthem) 2012-2013 now on iTunes! - by...

Yeah!!!!! <3 We've got swag peeps! haha lol

Chicago Bears vs. Indianapolis Colts - NFL Prediction by John D. Villarreal

Chicago all the way baby! Man this guy is dedicated!

Game Day! DA BEARS! Wooo! :)

Well folks and sports fans alike! Opening day for our proud Chicago Bears has come. The Chicago Bears will face the Indianapolis Colts today at 1 p.m. EDT. I'm not quite sure what time that would be for the Midwest, however, it probably will be two or three because CST is always an hour or two past EDT. This is a very exciting day because every dedicated Bears fan will pull out their grills, beer, the whole nine yards such as loads of friends and food to celebrate and kick off the season into high gear. My ultimate goal is for the Bears to be better offensively this season and actually have every player pitching in more than every before. So in lieu of our Chi-Town Bears and sports in general, LETS GO BEARS! :) Represent Chicago and knock'em dead! Enjoy the game folks and let me know your general comments or thoughts about the final result!

The website below is a link to the main Chicago Bears page for more information about the game today and various other information as well.:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reporting and Sports

Hello blogosphere and sports fans alike. Recently, I have started writing for my university's newspaper The Torch and we really need to thank journalists for all of the hard work that they do. Just scooping out information; people in offices give you an attitude as if you're doing something wrong. Yeah ok......... sorry for trying to inform the student body and professors throughout the university on important news and events happening. It really makes me think about all the effort that journalists in all natures and topics put into their work; it doesn't matter if it is a short, medium, or an article of longer length.

Especially when it comes to writing sports articles; think about all the knowledge a sports writer has to know. From the basic sport itself, the rules, players, opponents, leagues, sports broadcasters, coaches, to  marketing individuals, and any other person who is involved within a sports team in someway. That is the easy part. The hard part is actually writing the article for what really happened while adding a personality to it and keeping validity at 100%. It's not easy folks, so whenever you do read articles in a newspaper and want to judge the writer for whatever reason; you try doing what they do on a daily basis. That is all folks. As always, thanks for reading and for taking the time out of your day to keep up with my blog. I'm truly blessed! :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


A video I found on YouTube. It pretty much summarizes what we can expect to see from our Bears this season. DA BEARS!!!

Bears Football!

Football baby! Our Bears will start their official season in a week and I was wondering how you football fans are preparing for it. Do you invite all of your friends over to your place and have one huge blowout party? Do you wear a Bears jersey all week without taking it off? Do you use that goofy face paint under your eyes and go to work like that?  Let me know what you will be doing. Thanks and have a great night! :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

October 5th and 13th

Hello sports fans! Well well you readers are simply amazing! Almost 700 views baby! I still can't believe it. The topic for todays post is hockey. October 5th and the 13th are two very important dates for all of my Chicago wolves fans. Embrace yourself because it is going to be big news. October 5th is our pre-season game at Hoffman Estates, which is the practice facility besides our home - Allstate Arena in Rosemont,IL- at 7 p.m. verses an opponent in our division. Remember that the Wolves are in the AHL and my Blackhawks are in the NHL because a lot of hockey fans in Chicago sometimes get confused. October 13th is another important date because that is our home opener and tailgate party when we play the Rockford Icehogs, which are ironally the AHL's farm team for the Blackhawks. I can't wait because I get to hang with my "Hockey Family" and enjoy the game at night. Until later on sport fans; Happy Labor Day weekend. Get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather. Fyi, it might rain tonight according to the radio, so be aware of that too.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Wow! Ever since upgrading to Google+, it seems to be that everyone is flocking to my blog and I couldn't be more proud! :) Keep on reading and i'll keep on posting new and interesting articles and things of that nature. Thanks again!