Monday, September 10, 2012

Bears Win!

Why hello sports fans! Our Chicago Bears rocked Solider Field on Sunday afternoon for a 41 to 21 win over the Colts and although three players were slightly injured ( I didn't watch the game, however I heard it on the radio because I was doing homework) and the extent of those injuries are unknown. If any of you can update me or do know about those injuries, feel free to comment. Chicago couldn't be prouder of our team! The goal is to also do the same thing on the Thursday, when our most hated rival comes into our lovely city. Thank heaven that it is only for one night or else we would have to sanitize the city because who wants the Green Bay "Slackers" tainting our city. No one. Yuck. And I also give you permission if you see any gear or clothing items with their nasty ugly logo, please tell whoever it is off or simply burn it. Until later on, keep having faith and GO BEARS! Keep up the good work! :) I think we have a lot to look forward to this season with how the end result came up! Woooo!

1 comment:

  1. Wooooo woooooo I'm so happy that the Bears won against the Colts. Way to go Chicago Bears. That is what I'm talking about. The Bears are so going to win on Thursday again the stupid Slackers. Please go home. Don't come into out chi town. The Bears are so going to kick their butts. Please give me 5,000,000,000 buckets. Going to throw up. Everytime I hear the word Slackers I feel sick. No one likes them. Oh hun I will. If I see anybody wearing the nasty logo in my chi town I will tell them off and burn it for sure. No one and I mean NO ONE wears the nasty logo in our chi town. This is Chicago not Wisconsin. Please keep up nasty logo in Wisconsin. Please do not come to Chicago wearing the nasty logo or I will hurt you and burn it. The is the Chicago Bears we are talking about. Period. The Bears are so going to win this season. Go Chicago Bears!!!!!!!!!! Proud of you guys. Keep up the good work.