Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hello folks. Today I will be talking about iTunes and that pertains to the technology or social media aspect of this blog. About two months ago, I realized that there are numerous college radio stations in addition to local radio and from all around the country as well. Think about this for just one minute. You could live in Chicago or Los Angeles yet hear what is happening in Madison, WI with the click of a button.  The beauty about this is that all of us can stay connected while geographically being not in the same area. This couldn't be done years ago when individuals gathered around a fire and read stories out loud and carved signals in caves. Overall, it is interesting how fast information is being spread and it will only get faster with more and more technological innovations.

- Question for you dedicated sports readers. How do you see technology developing in the next years? Will there be robots serving us food verses people?

- Here is link to an article that discussed alternative options for us non-active Apple users in the world:

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