Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lazy Day- Support your Team

Being a college student is tough these days when dealing with sleep deprivation, being loaded with homework and reading, maybe holding down a job of some sort, maintaining a social life, and all while trying to avoid driving yourself bonkers. I had one of those nights last where I was talking to my one guy friend until 11 at night and managed to complete reading for today all while my phone was charging all by itself in my room. So in lieu of that, I decided to just put on some jeans, a shirt, and my Chicago Wolves jersey today because I felt like it and kind sleepy as well. It looks like I'll be living off coffee today..... literally. Well, that is one viewpoint of a college student.

* To change up the topic a little bit, I'd like to know if you loved college or hated it and why. Feel free to share your thoughts or opinions below in the comment section or e-mail me personally for any tips or tricks on survivng college (Besides I am a senior now. Whoop! Whoop!)

* My e-mail is mruscitti@mail.roosevelt.edu fyi.


  1. Well hun that is college for you. That is what I had to through when I went to Triton. I didn't like getting up early in the morning to my class. I didn't like doing homework and papers and studying for tests too. I know how you feel hun. Yes it is tough being a college student but you have to get through it. You definitley need alot of sleep when you are a college student hun. Don't give up hun. You are doing a great job. You can do it. I have faith in you. Like Justin always says Never Say Never. You go girl. Proud of you. Keep up the good work. Love U.