Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NFL Prices and the Economy

Good morning sports enthusiasts and superfans. Browsing through my Yahoo@ homepage while sipping hot coffee ( I'm a college student remember...), I found this intersting aritcle under the sports section. It mentions that since 2007 the economy has not turned out as much as market reserachers would like to think and that overall attendance for football games is down. According to the article:

     "Nick Colas, chief market strategist at ConvergEx argues that things may not be turning around in Atlanta (and elsewhere) just yet, given that average ticket prices to attend a Falcons home game are down 8.1% this season. This is the biggest drop among the 30 NFL cities, according to Team Marketing Report data. Further, he says his own research of NFL attendance and ticket prices reveals all kinds insights, most of which are troubling.

     "It's telling us that the overall economy still isn't as strong as it was back in 2007," Colas says in the attached video, citing a 4.5% drop in NFL attendance from 2007. "It's also telling us that the upper-end consumer is still retrenching, they're still pulling back. They haven't felt the burst of either better employment numbers or better income and they're actually attending fewer games."

The reason why I find this interesting is because it makes me think about how dedicated a person will go to show their fan spirit. What is considered too far? It is really worth getting those upfront tickets or will the upper deck do just fine? I'd like to know what you think out there. Feel free to comment with any thoughts or feelings. Have a great day sports fans! :)

The link to the aricle is below to check out:


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