Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Comfort or Getting Out?

Looking at the above picture taken from Yahoo!,would you rather watch your sport or game of choice from the comfort of your own home or attend a game live in person?

*Benefits of watching the your sport of choice at home in front of the TV:

- No long lines to use the washroom
- Unlimited drinks and food without paying outrageous prices
- Having as many people over as you can fit in your space
- Saving money on gas, parking, and a ticket or two
- Getting as crazy as you want pertaining to what you wear and do

*Benefits of attending the game live in person:

- Living in that moment
- Thrill and excitement of actually "being there"
- Tweeing and Facebooking from the arena or stadium
- You can take your own pictures or photos and make a "Memory Slideshow" later on
- Spending quality time with friends and family outside of the normal setting and getting fresh air

* Let me know what you think below. Thanks! <3

1 comment:

  1. I pick the first one hun. I rather watch the game on my own TV at my own house. I could also have all my friends over and watch the game with me. I would want to save the gas and money by just watching the game at home for sure. I would not want to pay alot of money for parking or for getting food. I would also not want to wait in line either. Love watching the game at home. I could also buy my own snacks from the store instead of buy food there. And I can where what I want at home and do what I want at home while watching the game. I can ever scream in my own house. Those are my reason for watching the game at home.