Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Different Kind of Football

Hello sports fan out there. This post is about a different kind of football. While browsing through my Yahoo! homepage, there was an article about a Lingerie football league. Now when one thinks about that, the ideal fan would probably be a sexiest man pig who just doesn't care about the "sports" aspect at all, but more so the lack of clothing on these women who often take this game very seriously. If any of you are thinking along the lines of this, then please stop reading this post right now. I don't appreciate men like this in the world who just appreciate women for their bodies as if we have nothing else to show for ourselves. The game takes place in an indoor football arena. Ironically, this is a good aspect about this league because weather won't be a determining factor for a potential cancellation. Getting back to topic at hand, the article goes on to say that Nikki Johnson takes down an opponent from a Toronto team. Johnson has scored 12 touchdowns and  threw one interception.

Considering that sports is mostly a male industry, the fact that this league even exists is a pretty cool idea. However, women out in the world should not be viewed like this because society makes us out to be "sex objects" when in reality we are wives, mothers, students, daughters, or sisters, and even professors. Next time you see an image of a woman on a magazine cover, think about how much work actually went into creating that image and the long exhausting hours. My point is that just because us ladies can and do play football, we should be treated just like any other league: with RESPECT AND DIGNITY. Any maybe even wear actual uniforms, not lingerie. If you have any thoughts or comments about this topic, feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading and yes I do have passion for women's issues if you didn't see that. lol

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