Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Public Transportation and Dedication

Hello. I had an idea today to write about public transportation a.k.a. buses and trains mainly and how fans utilize this method of transportation to attend the sport of their choice. During my junior year, last year, I was coming home early around three or four p.m. and there apparently was a Chicago Cubs game because a host of fans were talking loudly on the train ( after the game). This particular group of Cubs fans were intoxicated because each of them were all talking at the same time and stating who their favorite players were and why they thought so. No one agreed with each other and the part that got me irritated was when they all saw a little boy was on the train (wearing a Chicago White Sox shirt) and basically told him to take it off. What is wrong with people in this world? Leave the child alone and let him have a peaceful train ride with his father. I understand that you love the Cubs and that is great, however Chi-town does have TWO baseball teams and people have to deal with that. If not, then move to another damn city please.

People who are born and raised in Chicago know that you are either for the Cubs or Sox and some claim that you can be a "Chicago" fan and support both teams. Depending upon how you see it, as long as you are supporting a team and having fun at the same time, that is all that matters. For example, when I was up in Wisconsin over the summer, I met these four guys who were from WI, but were Chicago Blackhawk's fans. Considering that Wisconsin only has an AHL team who sucks (worst enemy of my AHL Chicago Wolves), who else are they going to support? Duh... a Chicago team because Illinois and WI are neighbors even though we don't agree on sports teams very often.

- Tell me what you think about this topic: Public transportation and dedication. Let me know if you have any stories or experiences. Thanks for reading as always and take care sports fanatics.

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  1. Oh yes. I remember this story that you told me about hun. Yes I agree with you. Anybody to support whatever team they want. The guys shouldn't tell the boy what to do. Leave him alone. He likes the Sox instead of the Cubs. That is terrible how people pick on other people because they like the other team. I like the Cubs myself. Same for the hockey too. I agree with you again hun. No problem hun. I love your blog. Keep up the good work. Proud of you. Have a good day. Love U.