Friday, September 28, 2012

Cry Babies

Over these past couple of days, I've noticed football fans, immature ones at that, overreacting like little children about a bad call such as when Green Slay Slackers lost. #1: who cares because they suck anyway and their fans have no life. LISTEN UP: it is a game and whoever is whining about it, get over it. You are not TRUE football fans if all you do is complain about the horrible replacement refs, which in case you didn't know, they are gone. The NHL referees have ended their lockout and now you can stop your little crying and nonsense behavior and become a real football fan. Imagine if us hockey fans complained and threw a hissy fit every time our favorite player was in penalty box. GET A LIFE OK. Please and if I hear one one Slackers fans saying crap, I'm going to lose it. No wonder why your team sucks so much, they've go no skills and your fans are dumb little preschool children as well. By the way, the Bears are so much better than you'll ever be. I'll give that a minute for it to sink in ok. Yes, the one and only Chi-town Bears will dominate on your puny behind anyday. Don't even try to challenge us or risk embarrassment....

1 comment:

  1. Go Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go girl. Woooooo woooooo I would've said the same thing. Oh well. Cry me a river and quit being immature about the stupid team the Slackers. They suck so much. No one cares. The Bears are going to take over the world. Go Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Slackers can just die for all I care. Oh wait I don't care what they do because they don't exist at all. I'm supporting my baby the Bears. They are doing such a good job. So quit your crying and grow up. I agree with you hun. Yes if I hear the Slackers say crap I will lose it too and hurt someone. Bears all the way. Da Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Chi town.