Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bears Vs. Cowboys- Monday Night Football

Good afternoon sports fans. Reporting from my home in Chicago where I had a lovely weekend with a friend of mine, updated planner and calendar this morning, and getting a chance to update this as well. What is on the agenda today? Well, talking about the NFL referees and how they agreed to an eight year contract so you whiny little children nobody football fans of a particular team (cough cough Slacker nobodies) can shut up now. And my Chicago Bears play tomorrow night against the Dallas Cowboys at 8:30 p.m. EDT. Check your local listings for more specific times around where you live or if not they have their own radio station at WBBM 105.9 FM or 780 AM As always, we are hoping for a Bears win and as we say in Chicago: Bear Down Bears! :) Until later on sports fans alike, enjoy the rest of your Sunday and take care of yourself.

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  1. Glad you had a great weekend Mary. I had a great weekend to up in Wisconsin with my family. It was so nice and relaxing. I'm so happy that the referees agreed on the eight year contract. Boooo hoooo Oh well Slackers. Go hide under a rock and never come out and please shut up too. The Bears won again the Dallas Cowboys. Go Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of my boys for winning last night. The are doing such a great job. Way to go Bears. Keep up the good work. They are doing so well this season.