Thursday, May 31, 2012

Anze Kopitar Overtime Game Winner. LA Kings Vs New Jersey Devils. May 30...

What did I say all you sports fans out there! GO KINGS! Game one goes to the L.A. Kings and the next game is Saturday on NBC 5 at 8 p.m.! GO KINGS GO! :) That Stanley Cup is yours for the taking baby! I will keep you updated on the outcome of Game 2 of the National Hockey League Stanley Cup Finals! Until later.. peace! :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some Basic Information

Hello sports fans out there in Germany,Russia, and the United States! This is Mary reporting from the beautiful city of Chi-town and the weather is comfortable today. Yes I just wanted to explain to you the reason for the collaboration between me and my boyfriend Ron. I decided to ask him to post on here because #1 he loves sports especially the Chicago Wolves and him playing hockey as well, #2 he loves art and writing, and #3 he could add some graphics to my blog to create interest. So enjoy them and hope all you dedicated readers out there visit this blog once a day to check out what is happening. If you have any questions about me or him or sports at all, feel free to comment or contact me personally at - which is my personal school e-mail that I check almost everyday! Peace sports fanatics out there! :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stanley Cup Finals

Come Wednesday at 7PM in New Jersey the Devils will take on the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Are you ready?

Relationship between Emotions and Sports??? Hmmmm

Hello all my sports lovers out there! Today's post will be about emotions and how they correlate with sports. How do you think emotions and sports work together such as when your team wins or loses a very important game? How do you react, in a calm or angry mannerism? Let me know your thoughts and feel free to share your stories of any kind. I want to hear from you readers out there. Have a great day! Until later on... peace! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just a note for all you dedicated readers out there

Hello all you sports fans in Russia and of coarse within the United States especially my hometown of Chicago - what what! :) I'd just like to thank you for reading my posts every other day and sometimes more often and just to let me know if you'd like me to talk about a topic within the area of sports. I'm more than willing to write about really anything, it just doesn't have to be about technology, but really anything that has to do with sports. And please follow me if you wouldn't mind and speak your mind by commenting while you're reading my posts. Thanks and have a great day! Again, thanks for caring enough about sports and reading my blog. I'm really honored that a couple people in Russia, whoever you are, are reading this because never in my life would I think this would happen. Thank you guys so much and I hope you see the passion I have for writing and sports in general! Take care all you sports fans!
Never stop supporting your team even in the offseason! :)

Dustin Penner OT goal, handshakes. Los Angeles Kings vs Phoenix Coyotes ...

Well Hawks fans we got our wish! The lame Coyotes are OUT of the playoffs. That is what you get for messing with our amazing Chi Town Hawks; more than amazing which the "egg yokes" or Coyotes will never be. See ya next years suckers!  hahaha Have fun golfing all summer! The L.A. Kings advance to Round 4 of the Stanley Cup finals! I was celebrating like you wouldn't believe! Now let's root for the Kings in the NHL 4th round of the playoffs for the Stanley Cup! Woo woo! :)  I am pushing for you guys to win it all! LETS GO KINGS! WOO WOO!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

How Social Media Impacts Sports Marketing - Mike Germano

Hello my fellow sport lovers! Today I decided to make this post about social media which is everywhere from Facebook to Twitter and these two social networking sites are leading the world in good directions but of coarse not without some consequences such as less face-to-face communication and more people talking through Facebook chat verses calling on the phone and in person as well. Me being a Communications major,  I love everything about sports and social media and enjoy the the video above! Have a great day! :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Funny hockey fight

Two litle boys fighting! haha lol :)

Connectivity - Social Media - and Sports

Howdy all my sports fanatics! The topic for today is how social media such as Facebook and Twitter connects us with our love of sports. Checking Facebook whether it is on a mobile device or a basic computer or tablet is handy because knowing what is happening with our teams no matter what sport it is, is very important. Even during the off season, personally, I find it exciting to see what is currently happening with the coaching staff or players being traded for whatever reason. However, given this connectivity, comes the consequence of not interacting with individual sports fans face-to-face and the devotion becomes in a way superficial until the actual season begins.

What is a sports fan to do during the off season besides keep in constant communication with their sports friends or watch endless clips of great touchtowns or goals? Well, all my sports lovers out there, you could always hang out with those close sports fans of yours where you live or really anywhere and all come decked out in team gear. However, if that all fails, then you could always spend endless hours in that particualr sports jersey, cheering, not sleeping, going around your neighborhood at midnight and just going on random rants, and gaining the reputation of a "crazy" sports fan. And that is ok all you fanatics out there, we are special people in this vast world and it's ok to embrace that craziness and what better way to do that then with friends or as I say my " hockey family". Anways, always stay connected with your team no matter what and keep up-to-date with what is going on because when the season does start, you'll pretty much look like dumbass if you don't know what every other fans of the sport is talking about. Until later, all you crazy sports fans in the beautiful city of Chicago- what what- and around the world have a great day and enjoy this clip.

Mary R.

Here is a link to some funny sports pictures I found on Youtube:

enjoy! :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Love and Sports

Hello my sports fans out there. Today is Saturday May 5th, 2012 and it is a beautiful day in Chi town! On the agenda today is how sports and love go hand in hand with each other. Me being a Chicago Wolves fan, I've had my relationships at the games and it is just ironic how you can find someone special while atttending a game or simply by knowing friends of friends. I'd love to hear any stories from around the world whether from the United States, Russia, Italy, or anywhere else in this vast world of sports out there. Tell me how these love stories built around sports have changed your life and what lesson you've learned from them. Until later Chi town and my sports lovers. Have a great day! :)

* And yes, the hockey picture is of Justin Bieber! MY LOVE... <3

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chicago Blackhawks (Chelsea Dagger- The Fratellis)

Blackhawks 2010 Stanley Cup Parade in Chi Town

KANER!!! <3

Man, pure craziness!!! lol

My sister and I:

As always, LETS GO HAWKS!!! <3

Chicago Bears Mobile App

Hello again! :) This post is for all you Bears fans! Dedicated fans will always stand behind thier team no matter what and this applies to the Bears as well!

As you can see, similiar to ther other apps, this keeps fans on thier heels with information perataing to the team, who is injuired, and organizational news such as who is being fired and hired. Enjoy! :) And as always Go Bears!!!

Chicago Bulls Mobile Alerts

Hello Chicago! Well our Bulls are still in session and are heading into the playoffs! Congrats guys! Again, I have watched one basketball game in my life and therefore I don't have a passion for the sport nor do I know much about it except for the fact that there are four quarters and the entire objective is to shoot as much possible to get the most amout of points to win a game. Additionally, the Bulls play at the United Center, which is also home to my Hawks, and various other events such as concerts and things of that nature.

This phone appplication also keeps fans up-to-date on scores, stats, and everything that a dedicated Bulls fan would want to know.

Chicago Cubs Sports App

Hello all you North Siders! In my mind, the Cubs and Sox rivalry is like the Blackhawks and the lame ass Redwings (Or should I say because they got knocked out first in the NHL playoffs! YEAH BOY!! WOO WOO!) because it's expected and the fans on each side don't like each other and never will except that the two team are situated within one state. Anyways, this post is about the Chicago Cubs phone app and all it does.

- Here are some links:

"Cubs Mobile lets you follow your favorite team wherever you go. Get score upates. Track every pitch. Keep up with the latest news. Check rosters and player stats. Watch highlights"

"You'll never miss a moment of the action"

- Taken from:

This app is pretty much like the White Sox one because both teams are baseball teams and part of the MLB or Major League Baseball.

Chicago White Sox Sports App

Hey you South Siders out there!! Wad up home dogs? lol :) Anways, moving on from hockey, the next app I will be talking about is Chicago's own White Sox. Personally, I know a lot of Sox fans out there and this is for you. Being perfectly honest, baseball is pretty boring and therefore I don't watch it. But for those of you who do, more power to you. Below are some links to what this wouldl like on your Iphone or Smartphone:

"White Sox Mobile lets you follow your favorite team wherever you go. Get score upates. Track every pitch. Keep up with the latest news. Check rosters and player stats. Watch highlights. You'll never miss a moment of the action."

- Taken from:

Also availabe are game updates throught text messages and a mobile dashboard.

Picture Time!!!

My dad sporting his green Wolves jersey:

Julie W. and I at Allstate Arena:

This picture is of me, Natalie, Steph, Morgan, and my dad:

My love Nathan Longpre/ DAMN IS HE HOT WOO WOO:

My mom, Tricia, Natalie, Morgan ,and I at Allstate Arena:

Chicago Wolves Mobile and Sports App

Shout out to all my Chicago Wolves fans out there woo woo :)

Dawn Scott
Shelly Scott
Taylor Sutter
Stephanie Gebbia
Ronald Wray
Mike Skillet
Samantha Ruscitti - my sister
Julie W.
Tricia W.
Kristen Petru
Connie Ruscitti - my mom
Frank Ruscitti - my dad
Danny Ruscitti - my uncle
..... and the list goes on and on and on..........

Howdy yall! Yes, the Wolves are my #1 team and the Hawks are #2 on my list, but that doesn't mean I love them anyless. Similiar to the Hawks, my Wolves were eliminated in the 1st round of the American Hockey League playoffs verses the San Antonio Rampage in game 5 on April 27th in double overtime!): I guess hockey fans in Chi town will have to watch like pee wee league hockey until October comes around. I already miss my "hockey family" soooooooooo much and everyone else who I see at the games.

*Link to Game 6 video:

Anyways, back to the main task at hand, is the sports app. Just like the Hawks app, the Wolves app can be downloaded to any Smart phone iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices.


Chicago Blackhawks Mobile and Phone App

Howdy all my hockey lovers! First off, despite the elimination of my Hawks in the first round of the NHL playoffs, they are still my team and I don't care what anybody else says. If you Hawks fans out there are not fans anymore because of factor, then GO TO HELL; YOU WERE NEVER A REAL FAN IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! They gave it their best effort and hey you can't win them all. Anyways, all we can hope for is a kick ass season starting in October with pre-games before that and a run in the playoffs that lasts longer than the 1st round. The point of this post is to detail what exactly the Hawks phone application entails and how it benefits dedicated fans.

" The Official Chicago Blackhawks iPhone App offers all of the great Blackhawks TV video content directly to your mobile device, taking you inside the locker room and behind the scenes. The official Blackhawks App takes you closer to the team than ever before with exclusive content produced only for Blackhawks mobile applications. The App also incorporates the latest headlines and news, photo galleries, stats, standings and schedule information, along with updates from the team’s award-winning Twitter feed. Stay connected to your favorite team from the first puck drop to the final horn!"

- Taken from:

This phone application, in sum, give you behind the scenes access to news, interviews, a look inside the locker room, and everyting else that you'd ever want to know about our Chi town Hawks! By downloading this application to an Ipad or Iphone, a Hawks fanatic can get free on the go access to your team without being at home on a computer. Is there a better way to stay connected? No, I don't think so.


Business Time :)

Ciao all my sports peeps out there. The time has come to get down to the real business of this blog, which is how technology merges with sports and their dedicated fans. Think about sports applications and text alerts from corresponding teams this way: what better way to stay in check with what is happening within the organization or with your favorite player then by getting mobile messages about statistics or who was traded to what team. Yes, this post connects to the last post I published pertaining to how emotions play into the realm of sports. Speaking from personal experience and being a Chicago Wolves fan, I was beyond pissed when I received an incoming text that my favorite player, Nathan Longpre #9 , was "traded to the Springfield Falcons for a future prospect". My reaction was as you'd expect it to be pretty pissed off and i was actually talking to my one friend in my " Hockey Family" and she was calming me down because I was so enraged. The point is that technology and sports most of the time is a great combination of love and dedication, but it can turn deadly when the news is about a favorite player or a particular member of the organziation with whom you get tickets from.

- Below are links to various Chicago sports teams websites with an innate focus on mobile apps and the visuals/ perks of downloading them to an I pad or Smartphone:

Hockey: National Hockey League and American Hockey League

Chicago Blackhawks-

* In case you're wondering, the minor league affiliate of the Hawks are the AHL's Rockford Ice hogs =

Chicago Wolves-


Chicago Cubs-

Chicago White Sox-


Chicago Bulls-


Chicago Fire- - FYI: This is a link to the main homepage, hence, there wasn't a separate link to mobile apps or anything of that nature


Chicago Bears -

Chicago Rush - - In case you didn't know, the Rush is an indoor footbal league that call thier home the Allstate Arena