Monday, May 14, 2012

Connectivity - Social Media - and Sports

Howdy all my sports fanatics! The topic for today is how social media such as Facebook and Twitter connects us with our love of sports. Checking Facebook whether it is on a mobile device or a basic computer or tablet is handy because knowing what is happening with our teams no matter what sport it is, is very important. Even during the off season, personally, I find it exciting to see what is currently happening with the coaching staff or players being traded for whatever reason. However, given this connectivity, comes the consequence of not interacting with individual sports fans face-to-face and the devotion becomes in a way superficial until the actual season begins.

What is a sports fan to do during the off season besides keep in constant communication with their sports friends or watch endless clips of great touchtowns or goals? Well, all my sports lovers out there, you could always hang out with those close sports fans of yours where you live or really anywhere and all come decked out in team gear. However, if that all fails, then you could always spend endless hours in that particualr sports jersey, cheering, not sleeping, going around your neighborhood at midnight and just going on random rants, and gaining the reputation of a "crazy" sports fan. And that is ok all you fanatics out there, we are special people in this vast world and it's ok to embrace that craziness and what better way to do that then with friends or as I say my " hockey family". Anways, always stay connected with your team no matter what and keep up-to-date with what is going on because when the season does start, you'll pretty much look like dumbass if you don't know what every other fans of the sport is talking about. Until later, all you crazy sports fans in the beautiful city of Chicago- what what- and around the world have a great day and enjoy this clip.

Mary R.

Here is a link to some funny sports pictures I found on Youtube:

enjoy! :)

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