Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chicago Blackhawks Mobile and Phone App

Howdy all my hockey lovers! First off, despite the elimination of my Hawks in the first round of the NHL playoffs, they are still my team and I don't care what anybody else says. If you Hawks fans out there are not fans anymore because of factor, then GO TO HELL; YOU WERE NEVER A REAL FAN IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! They gave it their best effort and hey you can't win them all. Anyways, all we can hope for is a kick ass season starting in October with pre-games before that and a run in the playoffs that lasts longer than the 1st round. The point of this post is to detail what exactly the Hawks phone application entails and how it benefits dedicated fans.

" The Official Chicago Blackhawks iPhone App offers all of the great Blackhawks TV video content directly to your mobile device, taking you inside the locker room and behind the scenes. The official Blackhawks App takes you closer to the team than ever before with exclusive content produced only for Blackhawks mobile applications. The App also incorporates the latest headlines and news, photo galleries, stats, standings and schedule information, along with updates from the team’s award-winning Twitter feed. Stay connected to your favorite team from the first puck drop to the final horn!"

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This phone application, in sum, give you behind the scenes access to news, interviews, a look inside the locker room, and everyting else that you'd ever want to know about our Chi town Hawks! By downloading this application to an Ipad or Iphone, a Hawks fanatic can get free on the go access to your team without being at home on a computer. Is there a better way to stay connected? No, I don't think so.


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