Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chicago Cubs Sports App

Hello all you North Siders! In my mind, the Cubs and Sox rivalry is like the Blackhawks and the lame ass Redwings (Or should I say because they got knocked out first in the NHL playoffs! YEAH BOY!! WOO WOO!) because it's expected and the fans on each side don't like each other and never will except that the two team are situated within one state. Anyways, this post is about the Chicago Cubs phone app and all it does.

- Here are some links:

"Cubs Mobile lets you follow your favorite team wherever you go. Get score upates. Track every pitch. Keep up with the latest news. Check rosters and player stats. Watch highlights"

"You'll never miss a moment of the action"

- Taken from:

This app is pretty much like the White Sox one because both teams are baseball teams and part of the MLB or Major League Baseball.

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