Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Business Time :)

Ciao all my sports peeps out there. The time has come to get down to the real business of this blog, which is how technology merges with sports and their dedicated fans. Think about sports applications and text alerts from corresponding teams this way: what better way to stay in check with what is happening within the organization or with your favorite player then by getting mobile messages about statistics or who was traded to what team. Yes, this post connects to the last post I published pertaining to how emotions play into the realm of sports. Speaking from personal experience and being a Chicago Wolves fan, I was beyond pissed when I received an incoming text that my favorite player, Nathan Longpre #9 , was "traded to the Springfield Falcons for a future prospect". My reaction was as you'd expect it to be pretty pissed off and i was actually talking to my one friend in my " Hockey Family" and she was calming me down because I was so enraged. The point is that technology and sports most of the time is a great combination of love and dedication, but it can turn deadly when the news is about a favorite player or a particular member of the organziation with whom you get tickets from.

- Below are links to various Chicago sports teams websites with an innate focus on mobile apps and the visuals/ perks of downloading them to an I pad or Smartphone:

Hockey: National Hockey League and American Hockey League

Chicago Blackhawks-

* In case you're wondering, the minor league affiliate of the Hawks are the AHL's Rockford Ice hogs =

Chicago Wolves-


Chicago Cubs-

Chicago White Sox-


Chicago Bulls-


Chicago Fire- - FYI: This is a link to the main homepage, hence, there wasn't a separate link to mobile apps or anything of that nature


Chicago Bears -

Chicago Rush - - In case you didn't know, the Rush is an indoor footbal league that call thier home the Allstate Arena

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