Monday, September 24, 2012

Rocking a Blackhawks Hat

Additionally, today it was 45 degrees at 7:20 this morning in Chicago, and so I decided to pull out my amazing and super warm Blackhawks hat! Yes, I know given that there might not be an NHL season, but I still have to support my team. It is so ignorant that the owners of the league and the NHLPA (National Hockey League Players Association) are in disagreement over a various issues such as a salary cap (how much a team can spend on player's salaries as a whole) and what qualifications are needed to meet "Veteran Status". Some say there might not be a season at all and some say that an agreement is close, but not close enough. It makes me sad that I won't be yelling at the TV in celebration or anger during the 40 regulation and playoff games! I'm begging you NHL and NHLPA, please come to an agreement that satisfies both of your wants and needs because what are us dedicated fans going to do without hockey? Given that I'm an AHL(American Hockey League) Chicago Wolves fan, I still have some hockey to look forward to, but for those solely Blackhawks fans, you have a problem and a serious one at that.

- What do you think readers think? Are you sad that there will be no NHL season?

Ps. A funny thought occurred to me. All Blackhawk fans in Chicago need to protest just like the Chicago Teachers Union did. Maybe then, just maybe will that catch the attention of the news media and we'll get our point across that way. 

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