Sunday, September 9, 2012

Game Day! DA BEARS! Wooo! :)

Well folks and sports fans alike! Opening day for our proud Chicago Bears has come. The Chicago Bears will face the Indianapolis Colts today at 1 p.m. EDT. I'm not quite sure what time that would be for the Midwest, however, it probably will be two or three because CST is always an hour or two past EDT. This is a very exciting day because every dedicated Bears fan will pull out their grills, beer, the whole nine yards such as loads of friends and food to celebrate and kick off the season into high gear. My ultimate goal is for the Bears to be better offensively this season and actually have every player pitching in more than every before. So in lieu of our Chi-Town Bears and sports in general, LETS GO BEARS! :) Represent Chicago and knock'em dead! Enjoy the game folks and let me know your general comments or thoughts about the final result!

The website below is a link to the main Chicago Bears page for more information about the game today and various other information as well.:


  1. Wooo wooo Go Chicago Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so going to win this season and they are going to win today. Love Da Bears. I'm going to watch every single Bears game on TV. Knock them dead Bears. Kick some butts against the Colts. The Bears deserve to win. NOT THE COLTS.

  2. EST is after CST but I'm sure you know that now.

  3. Hello Tony. Yes I do. Thanks! :)