Thursday, September 20, 2012

Manners in a Technological Society

Good afternoon sports lovers alike. Do I have a story for you and yes it does relate to the specifics of this blog. Yesterday after my media production courses, I had three hours until a meeting for the Torch, which is Roosevelt University's student-run newspaper. So I figured I'd knock out reading for the day in the 5th floor lounge area, well no, because that never really got accomplished. This one older African American man was yelling in a too loud voice for a little lounge area to Comcast over the phone about a higher cable bill and how he was being charged for services that he wasn't using. As the story continues, he went on about how other individual customers of Comcast can have $1,000 cable bills and then the customer service lady on the other end of the line wasn't "understanding" what he was saying. He later asked to speak to her manager or supervisor and went more in-depth /  got angrier at the same time all while I WAS TRYING TO BE PRODUCTIVE!!! I wanted to take this guy's head off because there also was five other people trying to get their work done while him being ignorant to this fact.

* The main point I want to bring up is that if you see anyone trying to get reading or anything accomplished, please please please don't be yelling on the phone or blasting music. Go somewhere else before I tell you off. In fact, get off the phone and get some psychological and anger management help as well. Thanks..... haha

* Below is a link to an article which made me laugh:

Have a nice weekend everyone and let me know if you have any personal stories about rude or ignorant folks and how you dealt with them!

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  1. Wow. What a story. That is so rude of that person yelling when people are trying to do their work. People need to realize that their are common sense out there. I would've told that guy off and told him to go somewhere else and yell but not in a lounge when people are trying to do their work and get it done. So interesting.