Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lockout 2012 - New Facts

Hello folks! It is 5:12 p.m. in the City of Chicago and I just turned in my media journal for a class of mine through e-mail. This week has been hectic in the aspect that I've been trying to set up interviews and I've learned a lot more about the NHl lockout. Apparently, this is an NHLPA, which stands for National Hockey League Players Association - the union representing the players' interests and the owners are at the opposite end of the spectrum. Also just thinking about if this crazy business continues on, I thought about how the American Hockey League will be effected in turn. Attendance will probably increase people will see hockey at any cost whether it is pee wee league or ECHL (East Coast Hockey League). My point is that it will be interesting as to how long the lockout will last and if there will be an entire season lost because of battles over money. I'm not really takes sides just yet because you should 100% research both sides of the story before forming a judgement.

- What do you readers think? Do you take the side of the owners or the players? Let me know. Thanks! :)

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