Saturday, February 2, 2013

Trash Talking

Hello again sports fans! I'm back again with another post and this one regards trash talking. Trash talking in terms of other teams is totally fine and even if you want to tell off complete strangers is cool. I do it all the time and if people wear hockey jerseys other than my Chicago Blackhawks or Wolves, then that is  MAJOR problem because you don't belong here. If you're in Chicago or have lived in this awesome city, there is no reason not to like the team from here. The only circumstance that I'd consider fine is if a person was born in Michigan and then moved to Chicago in adulthood, liking the Deadwings I can understand, but you'll still be told off by me. No one likes the Deadwings and the only NHL team I support is my Hawks. Call me crazy, dedicated, or too much into my sports, even call me a crazy sports fans, SO BE IT. I don't tolerate jerseys that aren't Chicago ones and why should I? True Chicagoans knows our teams are #1 and that is it.

 -Thought question:What is your favorite team and why?

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