Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Girls and Ex-boyfriends

Yes this post will be venting about someone who needs to GET OVER her ex-boyfriend and this young female is the lonely Miss Taylor Swift. Your song "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is clear enough and you bashing him at the Grammy's over the weekend. We don't want to hear you complain about the lame boy from 1D because frankly no one likes the stupid band to begin with and no will continue to support you because we get the message your trying to get across. Maybe if you would take the more mature route, not try to copy his style, and simply spend some time with your best girls, your mind would not think of him so much. Heartbreak isn't easy and I understand that, but venting public outrage towards him means you're NOT over him and trying to seem desperate a.k.a wanting him back even though you say you don't.

- What do you dedicated readers think about this situation?

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