Monday, January 21, 2013

Get Over It Gomez

Hi sports fans! I found this article on Yahoo! ( my favorite and it really hit me as if no one really cares about it. This involves the "bimbo" Selena Gomez. She is just nasty and everything about her is gross. Justin DOESN'T want you anymore and you need to get over that fact. Below is the article:

Thought question: What do you think about their break-up?

1 comment:

  1. Justin doesn't need the bimbo at all. She needs to get over it. She ruined it for herself. You are NEVER getting my hunni Justin back EVER again. Go find some other boyfriend. Justin doesn't like you anymore. I saw that article and it made me sick. I hate the bimbo. She is so gross and she makes me sick. I can't stand her. Only Beliebers need Justin NOT the bimbo. Get the hell out of here. I love Justin. Beliebers 4 Life. Never Say Never.