Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Semester and Steps

Hello sports fan. Tomorrow will complete my first week back to college and it couldn't have been better! :) This will be my last semester at Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL and graduation is May 3rd at the school's theatre. Me walking across the stage, earning a Bachelor's degree in Communication?? Wow!! :) This is the moment I've looked forward to since grammar school and at that point, I set the goal of getting accepting into college in the first place and then succeeding through it. So far, I've had a really positive experience and loads of stress, however, it will all be worth it when I walk across that stage and then my life really begins. Having supportive friends and family along the way indeed has helped thus far and will continue to aid in my future in the media field! This post is really about being grateful for my life and thanking everyone who has been there for me when I needed them! You dedicated readers aren't forgotten either because without you, I wouldn't have this awesome blog and such passioned posts. Another topic to bring up is MY HAWKS!!!! :) I've supported them even during the lockout, but now is the time to celebrate not the NHL commissioner because he is a classless jerk, but the Chicago Blackhawks I do support! :) Have a great day everyone!

Question for thought: How was your college experience? Good, bad, or somewhere in- between?

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