Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Playoffs

Hello sports fans. Well I have some disappointing news for you: the Chicago Bears did win their last game of the season verses the Detriot Lions, but their fate was in the hands of the most hated team ever (Slackers) and the Minnesota Vikings. The cheapshot "Slackers" had to win, in order for the Bears to get in the playoffs, but the Vikings eventually won the game 37-to-34. I understand the logic of the Chicago Bears not winning as many games as they wanted to before the last one of the season, however, leaving our fate in the hands of our rival isn't a good aspect. I will never root for the "Slackers" in my lifetime because I love Chicago and nothing can change my opinion. However, let us try to take the positive from this situation: the Bears need to win games regardless of the opponent because their fate was ultimately left to another team, which never should have happened. Next season Bears: you win more games, the offense does a better job at backing up Jay Culter (our current quarterback), listening to our current coach (which the Bears will have a new one next season because Lovie Smith was fired the other day), and legitimately working together as a team such as having better communication on the field and more efficient practices. In the end, I still love my city and the Bears! GO BEARS GO!! :) Have a good day!

What do you think about the Chicago Bears not making the playoffs?

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