Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Leaving a Child Behind???

Wow just wow. When a mother leaves behind her infant child just to get an autograph from a favorite player after a baseball game, that is damn sad. Since when does sports/ fandom take dominance over being a parent? This should NEVER be the case because parents should care and take care of their children no matter what the circumstances are. So parents out there don't hold sports or whoever comes with you over the craziness of participating or enjoying time with the rest of your fan group. Let me know your thoughts about this issue. The link is below if you want to check it out. Later from the 80 degree weather of Chicago! :)


  1. That is terrible hun. I agree with you 100%. Parents should never leave there child when they want an autograph from a baseball player. She should've took her child with her and the child could meet the baseball player. That is so sad. The parent is lucky that the child didnt run off somewhere off.

  2. Natalie: The child is an infant, so he or she couldn't run off somewhere. But yeah I do agree with you because you have a problem if you place more value on a baseball player verses your own baby. Thanks for commenting.

  3. No problem hun. I love your blog so much. That's what I mean't an infant.