Sunday, July 29, 2012

The London Olympics 2012

Hello all you dedicate sports fans! I was just wondering if you have watched the Olympics or not because people rave about them because some of the most world famous athletes come together to participate in them. Sure, that is great, but also think about all the "outside" influences too. "Outside" influences such as the fans, potential security threats, Army individuals who are paid to be security guards essentially, the athletes and their training team, the marketing / advertising aspect, and finally the fact that the whole world is literally watching.

-The question of the day is:

* What is your reason for watching the Olympics? Media fascination? Celebrities? Let me know guys! Thanks.


  1. The reason is I like watching the people playing sports and seeing what hot guys there are. There were some cute Russian boys doing the gymanstics and they were gorgeous and sexy. They had a cute butt. I love watching the Olympics. Everyone is doing such a great job especially Michael Phelps who won alot of medals and he is 48 yrs old. Proud of him too.

  2. Natalie: But hot guys aren't the only cool aspect of the Olympics. lol I'm sure that is a valid reason why some women watch it especially the swimming competition, but there are such things as the opening ceremony as well. lol

  3. Yeah I know hun. I watched the opening ceremoney and it was cool and awesome. I like the Olympics alot.