Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pictures (Some I've taken) of Chicago, Hockey, and Bears' Plates

#33 Matt Clime - Goalie for Chicago Wolves last season

Bears Napkin for Superbowl party

Another hockey shot

Bears plates for our Superbowl party

The Art Institute of Chicago - Flags

Map of the City of Chicago :)

Gage Building of Roosevelt University: located on Michigan Avenue

A hockey friend, me, and Nathan Longpre #9 - who played with the Chicago Wolves

A street with overhangs


  1. Love the pictures Mary. Love your blog so much. I love Nathan Longpre. He is so cute and gorgeous. Such a good time at the Superbowl party. Had alot of fun.

    1. Thanks Natalie. Yes we have had good times together at hockey games and the Superbowl party as well.