Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Waiting Game

Hello folks out there! Today my family and I just got back from our yearly vacation to Wisconsin and that is the reason why I haven't really been on here for a week. I still care very much about this blog and my passion for writing, sports, and technology is endless. Anyways, just letting you guys know that my Chicago Wolves home opener or in simple terms, the first game of the AHL ( American Hockey League) hockey season, is October 13th. Do you know how hard it is waiting for hockey season to start?

To give you a little background information, my family and I have been Chicago Wolves hockey fans for six or seven years and my Uncle has been a fan ever since the first game took place in 1994. So as you can see, hockey to me is a family affair not just weekend entertainment. I love my "Hockey Family" and it is a blast when you can all sit together and cheer on your favorite hockey team as loud as you want to. Sports in general are a blast, but the thrill of the moment when a player scores a goal and the fans go wild is something in which other sports can't repeat. However, don't think I'm bashing other sports besides hockey, because everyone has different preferences and interests.

In lieu of the variety of sports there are in the world, I've got a question for all you dedicated blog readers:
* What is your favorite sport to watch or play?
A- Basketball
B- Golf
C- Hockey
D- Football
E- Soccer
F- Tennis
G- Baseball
F- Feel free to add your own option here

Thanks and take care of yourself! <3


  1. Glad you and your family had a great time in the Dells. I missed you all last week when you and your family were up there. Yes I love the Chicago Wolves too. The best team ever along with my other sports team. Love watching the Wolves game with my best friends. I support the Wolves and Da Bears. Love those team. I hope the Wolves will win the home opening game on October 13th. The Wolves better beat against the Icehogs. Go Chicago Wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. My favorite sport to watch and play is hockey and football for sure. I love watching hockey like the Chicago Wolves. The best hockey team ever along with Da Bears.

  2. Yes, Natalie, hockey is pretty amazing, if not the #1 sport in the world! :)