Monday, August 13, 2012

Update #2

Sorry for the delay folks. Howdy out there from Chicago, IL! <3 Yes, the Bears didn't win thier pre-season game, but that is why it is called "pre-season". Anyways, in other news, my lovely family and I attended the Wolfpack picnic just this Saturday. The Wolfpack is the bootster club of my Chicago Wolves and they have an annual picnic every year at Busse Woods which is right by Woodfield Mall in Illinois. I had a blast with other hockey fans and enjoying some drinks while playing Baggo is a time that you can't beat. Baggo, in case you're wondering, is a game that is portable and consists of two boards made of wood or solid plastic and the bags (sqaure shaped bean bags to toss). It is always fun to catch up with hockey fans and considering that there is about a month and a half until the season starts, I couldn't be more happier! :) I love my "hockey family". Later from Chicago! :)

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  1. Hey Mary Glad you had a good time at the Wolves Picinic last Saturday. Wish I was there to have fun with you. Yes I'm excited about the Woves season starting up again too. Love the Chicago Wolves. Got to represent them for sure. Who won the bean bag toss? Hope you won. Yes the Bears didn't win the pre season. They will though. I have faith in them. Love the Chicago Bears. Got to represent them too. Da Bears. They better win this football season and they better NOT play against the Packers. Dislike the Packers. They stink. Gross. Give me 5000,000,0000 buckets. Have a good day hun. Love U.