Thursday, August 30, 2012

Roosevelt University: Go Lakers!! :)

Hello again dedicated readers of this blog. Because this blog is not just about sports and social media/ technology, but also anything to do with Chicago. I wanted to show all of you what my college looks like. We are the Roosevelt Lakers and I have been attending this school ever since I was 18 years old. Ironically, this was the only college or university I applied to because I had a pretty good feeling I'd get in and nothing gets in the way of me achieving anything. Below are a few pictures, no I didn't take them, but they are from Yahoo! and enjoy folks! We have a boys/ girls basketball mainly, but are venturing into others as well.

Auditorium Building - opened in 1945- Diversity is stressed.

Our new Wabash building with blue/ green stained glass.


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  1. Very nice Mary. Roosevelt is a big college. Loved the pictures. The new one on Wabash looks neat with blue/green stained glass. What's up? How are you? Love your blog hun. Keep up the good work.