Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Further Explaination and Connection

Hello sports fans! A little background information behind the brain picture is that I absolutely love anatomy and the human body / all that it does for us. Think about the simple fact of the matter if us humans didn't have a brain or heart. Without a brain, the human body can't think, see, hear, or attain balance and coordination. Without a heart, we wouldn't be able to pump and circulate blood throughout our bodies much less breathe without lungs as well.  To connect this post with the purpose of this blog, which is sports and social media, without a proper functioning body, athletes aren't able to give it 110% when playing their sport of choice.

- If any of you readers out there every have a question about sports/ social media of coarse, but also anatomy and the human body, feel free to comment on any post or e-mail me personally if the matter is personal. And a fun fact, yes, I have been been inside a cadaver lab once. Thank you and have a great night! :)

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  1. Everything you said in your blog I agree with. I'm happy that I have a brain so I can think alot and move alot and see and hear etc. Its terrible that some of these hockey players have concussion. Yes you have hun. Glad you got through that. I like anatomy too. Its interesting how our body is. I've never been in a cadaver lab before. I don't want to be one in either. If I saw a cadaver I would probably faint and throw up. Its gross but interesting.