Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Preseason and What it Means to me?

Hello sports fans in the blogosphere! I had an idea for today's post to be about preseason games and what their "real" meaning is. Considering that the Bears pre-season is well underway with two games in hand played and a recent win 33 to 31 over the Washington Redskins, it makes an average sports fan wonder why preseason anything exists after all. Experiencing being a hockey fan for seven years, the Chicago Wolves typically have two or three pre-games, but not at the Allstate Arena and one game is always away at a near by opponent's rink. I've attended most of them in the past and they are packed solid with fans eagerly waiting for a sneak peak debut of their favorite team. Given the fact that social media has taken over the world of sports and entertainment, knowing what is happening with your favorite team is a click of a mouse away and the suspense builds almost like a horror movie with all the best parts up in the air. You can't wait any longer, but you must to be with other sports fans and truly enjoy it together as one massive group.

I'm tossing the question to you dedicated readers:

- What does the preseason of any sport mean to you? The answer could be open-ended and I just want to know your thoughts. Unilt later, from the beautiful Windy City, take care of yourself and others! :)

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  1. Preseason means that the Bears are practicing before the real game and to see who is good or who is not good. That is what preseason means to me. Go Chicago Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Da Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!