Sunday, November 11, 2012

Living Without Sports

A weekend without sports is like a weekend without breathing. For the past two weeks, the circus has been at the Allstate Arena, therefore the Chicago Wolves haven't been playing at "home". Although having no weekend hockey games gives me time to get homework done, write my Torch articles, and spend time with my boyfriend, I do miss seeing my "Hockey Family", dancing to familiar pop music tunes, and overall having a blast without anything getting in the way. Currently, I'm listening to "Be All right" by Justin Bieber, yes, he's always on my mind. Anyways, the point I'm trying to make is that sports encompasses a person's entire life, if not most of it, because it is the dedication and love us sport's fans have for our teams. Whether it is wearing the jersey of choice, yelling as loud as you can, telling off a referee when a bad penalty call is made, or simply singing at the top of your lungs whenever your favorite song is played, celebrate being a sports fans and express that fan devotion loud and proud! <3

*Question for you dedicated readers: How do you celebrate a victory for your favorite sports team?


  1. The way I celebrate for a victory for my favorite sports team is dancing in my own house, singing at the top of my lungs and jumping up and down becuase I'm so happy for my team. Yes Justin is always on my mind too. I love all his songs from his Believe album. I'm so proud of him and him working so hard for his Beliebers fans. We fans love him so much. That is such a good song. Love that song. Wonder how was the circus went for the people that went to it. Didn't your Mom and your sister go this year to the circus? I thought they went last year. I loved that circus at the Allstate Arena. I went there when I was little. Thanks for posting.