Sunday, November 11, 2012

Best DAY Ever!

Hello again sports fans! This is a bit off topic, but it is related to social media and pop culture. Yesterday Justin Bieber and the lame person Gomez broke up! Yes, finally!! I celebrated by dancing around the house in joy and singing Bieber songs at the top of my lungs. He doesn't need her especially when she is a fame hog who just wants attention. All the Bieb needs are his Beliebers (I am one of them) and his friends/ family/ team that travels with him while he is currently on his Believe Tour. I can honestly hear Bieber fans all over the world celebrating this break up. The only downside is that SHE BROKE UP WITH HIM! Therefore, I never liked her before they became a couple and no there is no way IN HELL I would ever support her now. She is on my list of "hated" people and if he is heartbroken, Beliebers will go crazy on your ass girl! You got that. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO BREAK UP WITH THE ONE AND ONLY BIEB? Please I really would go and hide your face and never come out again. Thanks.....

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  1. Everything you just said I agree with you 100%. I can't believe she broke with Justin. No one breaks up with my hunni Justin. The hell with her. Justin doesn't need the bimbo at all. She can go hide under a rock and NEVER show her face again. Who the hell is she to break up with my baby Justin? You tell me. Yesterday when I heard the good news I was so happy too I was jumping up and down too. Go Justin!!!!! Justin doesn't need a girl who is a fame hog and who tells Justin to pull his pants up. Like really. No one tell Justin to pull his pants up ever again. I love the way my bun bun has his pants. It so hot and sexy. All Justin needs are his Beliebers fans for sure. We Beliebers fans love him so much. Who needs the bimbo anyway. NO ONE. She can go cry me a river all she can because she it NOT getting back together with my hunni for life. If she does I will have to hurt her. I would make a better girlfriend then the lame bimbo. I would love Justin to be my boyfriend. All the Bieber fans are so happy and singing out their lungs too. I will NEVER like the bimbo ever again for what she did to Justin and I will NEVER support her at all. No one likes her at all. If I was Justin's cute girlfriend I would NEVER break up with him even if he is on his Believe Tour. Give me a break. I would even go on his Believe Tour with him for sure and be in bed with him too. I will always love and support Justin all they way no matter what happens. All Beliebers out there got Justin's back and he's got all his lovely Beliebers back for sure. Love you Justin!!!!! Belieber Go Hard. Beliebers 4 Life. Never Say Never. PLEASE GO TO HELL LAME ASS BIMBO AND DON'T YOU EVER TALK, TOUCH, LOOK, AND EVER BE WITH MY HUNNI FOR LIFE JUSTIN. YOUR DATING DAYS ARE OVER WITH. JUSTIN DOESN'T LIKE YOU AND HE WILL NEVER LIKE YOU. YOU CAN GO FIND YOURSELF ANOTHER BOYFRIEND PERIOD. JUSTIN ONLY LOVES HIS BELIEBERS FANS. THIS MESSAGE IS FOR YOU JUSTIN AND ALL THE BELIEBERS OUT THERE. BELIEBERS 4 LIFE RULE.

  2. Well Natalie, ok, you are passionate about this. lol haha