Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Love and Hate Relationship

Human beings love it and hate it. It moves pretty fast and can drive people bonkers when it doesn't work right. What am I talking about here? Technology and all of its implications for a modern day society. Looking at my Yahoo! homepage, an article under the Technology section states "Consumer Reports names top 10 electronics of 2012" and then it makes me wonder why do we even need these devices to begin with. I mean really do you need a lame iphone (I am against everything Apple and in fact love my pcs and simple phone, which is an LG Saber), mp3 player, and a laptop? NO YOU DON'T! Get real ok because it gets me angry when I see homeless veterans and starving children on the streets in Chicago and I'm sure across the United States and Europe. Never mind bringing up the United States is in debt in the trillions and where are individuals getting the money to spend hundreds of dollars on new products? Please people WAKE UP. Just because you have the newest technological device, it doesn't mean you are better than everyone else. It just means you can AFFORD it when others CAN'T! The lesson here I'm trying to pass on is to care, love, and help out others. Don't hide behind your screen and buy the fanciest new "hot" item when the rest of the world is suffering from various ailments.  HAVE A HEART AND GET AWAY FROM TECHNOLOGY ONCE AND AWHILE! :) Thank you for reading and feel free to comment with any thoughts or opinions. Sorry if this sounds like another  vent. lol

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