Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hello sports fans! Morning to everyone from Chicago, IL! :) Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gets your brain to wake up and the body's metabolism going as well. What happens when a person skips breakfast is they may feel groggy and tired later on and consume more food later on. Personally, when I have just a granola bar for breakfast along with a couple cups of coffee, I am hungry two hours later. The solution that works for me, even on the go or on public transportation, is to toast a whole grain bagel and put whatever you want on it. Also take a piece of fruit, whether it be a banana, apple, or pre-packaged fruit cup.

- Below is an article, in which, everyone needs to read:

- Question of the day: What is your typical breakfast on a daily basis? Does is differ on the weekends? Why?

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  1. What I have for breakfast when I get up is 2 hard boiled eggs, a piece a whole grain bread, and an apple. I enjoy my breakfast and it tides me over until lunch time. No it doesn't differ on the weekends because I sometimes have the same thing or I have cold cerel. The thing is that with cold cerel when I have it all of a sudden my stomach is growling and I'm hungry for lunch already. I guess it differ a little bit. Good article Mary. Don't go anywhere without having a good breakfast. Proud of you that you are eating a good break. Keep it up the good work. Thanks for sharing.