Monday, November 26, 2012

Bieber Photo

Hello again! Below is a photo taken from Bieber Exclusive, a blog that follows everything about the Biebs, and I thought it was kind of cool! You don't have to be a Bieber fan to like this, but the graphic is pretty cool and amazing to see! Yes, I know, I'm obsessed with him and accept that part of me!


- Question: Are you obsessed or in love with a celebrity? Why is that so?


  1. First of all I wanted to say that I love those pictures of my hunni for life and boyfriend Justine. Those are hot and sexy pictures of him. Thanks for posting that Mary epsecially for Beliebers fan such as me who love Justin alot. The celebrity that I'm obsessed with and is in love with is my baby Justin Bieber of course. I will always love him and support him for the rest of my life even though there are haters out there that hate him. He is the sweetest and cutest boy you can love so much. He loves his Beliebers fan and we will always love him. I love his smile, his sexy abs, his 6 pack, and his butt. Love his personality and everything about him. I love his music and his books that he wrote for his Beliebers fan. He will always be in my life and I will always love him with all my heart. I'm a huge Belieber fan of him since 2009 when I heard his first song One Time which I love on the radio. I will always be a huge Belieber fan until the rest of my life and kingdom come. All the songs on all of his albums that he had made means so much to me. All of his songs have alot of meaning to them for sure. I love you Justin. We Beliebers love you too. Beliebers 4 Life. Never Say Never.

  2. Hello again Natalie! Thanks for commenting! :)