Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Place Bears!!!

Hello again sports fans! I've been meaning to write up this post, but it has been kind of hectic as of late. On Sunday, the Chicago Bears played the Minnesota Vikings and won 28- to -10 during regulation. What is even funnier is that the "Slackers" a.k.a. Packers lost 38- to- 10. You don't even know how much it made my day and Bears fans throughout Chicago. I wanted to celebrate with a glass of wine, no make it an entire bottle with my family and friends. I really don't care if whoever likes this lame team has something to say, i don't want to hear them. WE'RE #1!! :) There is nothing you can do about it either because your team sucks and I'm pretty sure everyone who lives in Chicago will say the same thing.

I also wanted to add another action not to take while in my awesome city. Please DON' T EVER WEAR "SLACKERS" GEAR!  I don't think I have to explain why, but I will anyways. They are horrible and can't even play football. You will get the dirtiest of looks and you might as well put a lunch bag over your head and make a shirt saying "My Team Sucks!". Now even if you happen to be my friend or pass by me on the street, don't say hi or greet me or else I will ignore you. It is just immoral and breaking Chicago ethics, so please just don't do it. Thanks for reading as always and feel free to comment. Hope you enjoyed your Tuesday!

- Below is a link to the NFC North Standings and the standings throughout the entire football league:


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