Monday, November 12, 2012

Bears?? Really???

Hello everyone! Good morning and I don't have good news to report this morning. In Chicago, these past couple of days, it has been so windy that garbage cans and mops are getting taken away so easily. And it actually kind of funny because it is an uncontrollable force of mother nature and who knows what it will do next. But getting to the actual point of this post, the Chicago Bears didn't do so hot on Sunday night. We ended up losing 6 to 13 against the Houston Texans. I didn't watch the game because homework is more important, but I did get updates from my boyfriend while speaking with him on the phone. It's ok Bears, as long as you kick some booty next Monday! Chicago still loves you and as Justin Bieber says, "Never Say Never"!

- Here is an article describing what happened:,0,1197946.story


  1. I agree with you 100% Courtney. I watched the game and I was disappointed alot. Apparently Jay Cutler the quaterback had a concussion. So there was a new quaterback taking his place for him. We really need Jay back in the game. He is the best quaterback ever. I love Jay Cutler. Hope he will be back next Monday for the Bears game. Go Chicago Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope they win next Monday's game for sure. I'm counting on my boys. They are so going to win. I have faith in them. I'm proud of my boys. They will kick ass for next Monday's game for sure. Like my baby always says Never Say Never!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hello Courtney and Natalie! Yes, the game was ehhhh, but I hope that Cutler will be ok. I wish him the best and hope that the team will pick up slack for him as well as the back-up quarterback. I still have hope! Go Bears! :)