Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Alternative Hats

Hello readers. Today walking to the Gage building, I saw a Detriot Red Wings hat and I was not happy. There are plenty of reasons why this is NOT ok to wear in Chicago and I will tell you why.

Reason #1: The Blackhawks

- This team, I call them the "Deadwings" are arch rivals of my hawks. Don't you dare show your face in that hat, jersey, or any other clothing items with their logo. Save yourself the embarrassment and dirty stares.

Reason #2: Most of their players are old.

- Yes, the argument can be made that older players make for a better team because of their experience level, but younger players bring speed to a team and youth. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with getting old, but not in hockey. There are exceptions when it comes to older players being faster than twenty something year old players if they happen to be in better physical shape.

Reason #3: This is CHICAGO people. Don't tell me it is ok, unless you are visiting our beautiful city and don't TAINT Chi-Town with a hat no one wants to see. Thanks.

- Ok, this one is common sense, but oftentimes common sense isn't used. People just think: I'm going to represent my city or favorite sports team when I travel. Eh, sorry, not in Chicago you're not. Go do that elsewhere please.

1 comment:

  1. Go Mary. You took the words right out of my mouth. Really people. This is Chicago. You wear Chicago hats not Detriot Red Wings. Give me a break. You look like a fool wearing that in Chicago. Mary if I saw someone wearing that stupid hat in my Chi town I would laugh at them so hard. They are making a fool of themselves. Common sense people. Don't you dare wear that stupid team hat in my chi town ever again. Who do they think they are thinking its okay to wear that dumb hat in Chicago. I don't think so. Go wear it somewhere else but do NOT wear it in Chicgao. Period.