Monday, October 1, 2012

Entertainment Update

This past Sunday my love Justin Bieber emptied his insides out on stage due to not feeling well, but never the less continued to push through and finished his first show of the new Believe Tour, named after his album that was released in July. I couldn't be more proud of him because he didn't let the temporary illness take over and realized that his devoted Beliebers had been waiting months if not a year for his tour. Keep up the good work baby and Never Say Never. An article is below if you want to  read more about this issue:

- Sharing time! Put yourself in Bieber's shoes,would you have pushed through basically puking your guts out or just ended the show earlier?


  1. Yes I heard about that. I'm so proud of my baby for finishing up his concert after he threw up. He would do that. He would never let his fans down. While Justin was backstage his fans continued to sing for him. Hope Justin is okay. I wonder what kind of milk was it. I'm so proud of you Justin. Keep up the good work hunni. If I was in Justin shoes I would push threw my puking and finish up my concert. I would never end the show earlier just because I threw up. So happy Justin didn't do that. That's my boy. Hope he is better. Have a good rest of your day.

  2. Dear Natalie,

    Thanks for commenting and yes I'm glad that he is ok! :)