Sunday, October 21, 2012

Away Games

Hello sports fans alike. This weekend was odd in the sense that there was no home hockey games. The Chicago Wolves played away in Abbotsford Heat aka Canaian team and Friday night we won 3 to 2 in a shoot out. I'll explain what a shoot out is for those who don't know. Basically in an average hockey game, there are three twenty minute periods and a five minute five-on-five play takes place if the score is still tied in regulation. If the score is still evened up after this sudden death overtime period, then a shoot out happens, in which, five players are picked from each team to shot one-on-one with the opponent's team goalie. Whoever makes the most shots during this time frame wins the game and typically there are no limits as to how many "shoot outs" can occur. As you can guess, when two good teams come together, sometimes a long game happens and be prepared to cheer for longer then expected.

On Saturday night, unfortunately, the Wolves lost 4 to 1 and it was in regulation as well. I've got be honest here, I didn't listen to the audio online becaue I had a date with my boyfriend. But taken into account both teams (Heat and Wolves) were on a winning streak before they faced each other and one team has to win and the other has to lose. But that doesn't matter because at least the Wolves won one game out of the dual-weekend faceoff. No team is perfect and that is something that all fans, not just hockey fans, have to accept.

- Any thoughts about facing a team back to back?? How do you maintain that energy both nights?

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