Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Believe Tour 2012 - Allstate Arena

Front of shirt I made

Back of home made shirt!

What a beauty!

Every seat in the house was filled!


  1. Loved the pictures again Mary. I loved the shirt that you made for the concert too. Very creative and nice. Loved the design too. In your last pictures before these I loved your face paint. You looked so beautiful and pretty. Glad you had a good time again. Woooooo woooooo Beliebers 4 Life. Never Say Never.

  2. Have you ever met Justin Bieber?

  3. Hello Farisfly! No, I have not met Justin Bieber, but I would love to one day! Thanks for commenting!

  4. That goes for me too. I would love to meet my hunni for life and baby Justin. I love him so much. He is so hot and sexy. I will always be there for him and support him for the rest of my life. Can't wait for him to come to Chicago again. Beliebers 4 Life. Never Say Never