Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bears Win Baby!!

Hey sports fans! Chi-Town what's up? Our Chicago Bears won 34 to 18 against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night. I'm not sure if the game was on Fox, which is Channel 32 in the Chicago area, however I do know that it was on ESPN if you have cable or dish. I didn't watch the game and I'm kind of mad that I didn't because first off we won and number two Tony Romo was sacked by our over powerful Bears. Trying in popular culture, Jessica Simpson, yes, the same one that dumped Nick Lachey, dated Romo for a while during years past and then they ended things for various reasons. Anyways, I loved hearing that Romo was sacked because it is funny. Below is an article about his event in it's entirety:


Thanks for reading folks and take care of yourself! :) Later from Chicago! <3

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