Monday, October 22, 2012

Cheating in Sports????

Good morning sports fans! As I'm finishing my mug of morning coffee and checking e-mails, there was a story on Yahoo! Sports about a football team, an NFL one at that, whose is under speculation by the league for the illegal use of a "illegal sticky substance". This is called cheating and no one should feel ok by doing this. 

- Check out this link:

Is this right or wrong???


  1. Of course it is wrong! This should never happen!!!

  2. I do agree, but these sports stars today think they are on top of the world sometimes. I'm glad that people do see the truth in this.

  3. I definitley see the truth in this Mary. That is so wrong to do that. Why would they do that. Like seriously. They don't have a brain and they don't realize that they shouldn't do this at all. Shame on them. I hope they learn from their lesson.